Charmin used CES 2020 to show off a toilet paper delivery robot

Charmin Rollbot
Charmin Rollbot (Image credit: Charmin)

What you need to know

  • Charmin has designed a cute bear-faced robot named the "Rollbot" to deliver you toilet paper when you run out.
  • It also created a SmellSense sensor to determine when the air is all clear before entering the bathroom.
  • The folks over at Charmin's GoLab also invented a brand new V.I.Pee premium porta-potty experience that uses an Oculus Rift S to make sure you don't miss any of the action when at the game or a concert.

It's a tale as old as time itself — finding yourself stranded in the bathroom with no toilet paper left on the roll. We've all been there before and we'll all be there again. Wouldn't life be grand if there was a way to solve this issue without yelling for someone to bring you a roll?

Fortunately, the folks over a Charmin have been hard at work creating the Rollbot, a cute little robot with one very important job — to get you toilet paper when all hope is lost. The self-balancing robot rolls around on two-wheels, carrying the all-important roll of toilet paper, and is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. This does create some limitations, primarily that you'll need to have your phone on you and it will need to be within 30 or so feet since it uses Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi to communicate.

Charmin SmellSense

Source: Charmin (Image credit: Source: Charmin)

Charmin GoLab didn't stop with the Rollbot, though. It also came up with a smell sensor to let you know whether it's safe to enter the bathroom or not. The SmellSense sensor is calibrated to detect carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide compounds left by previous occupants and displays GO or NO GO signals to let you know when the coast is clear. Now, you can avoid that gagging sensation of waltzing into the bathroom too soon after the previous person.

Chamrin V.I.Pee

Source: Charmin (Image credit: Source: Charmin)

Last but certainly not least is the V.I.Pee premium porta-potty experience, which uses an Oculus Rift S VR headset to ensure you won't miss out on anything important while you're on the throne. Whether it be a concert or a sporting event, we can't always control when we need to go, and now you won't have to miss a thing when you do.

While other companies come to CES to wow you with 8K screens or 5G, Charmin is out here solving real problems, because that's what heroes do. Unfortunately, there is no word on when we could see any of these products hit the market, if they ever do, or how much they would cost.

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