Can you use Samsung Galaxy Watch bands on the Galaxy Watch 3?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Both Sizes
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Both Sizes (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy Watch used 20mm and 22mm band sizes for the two watch size options, and the new Galaxy Watch 3 uses the same standard watch bands as well.

Will you be able to use Samsung Galaxy Watch bands on the new Galaxy Watch 3?

There are a lot of reasons to buy a watch. Perhaps as a fashion accessory or maybe as a status symbol. It could simply be to tell the time. Then when it comes to the reasons for owning a smartwatch, that list grows even more. This is especially true when considering a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 due to its impressive feature list and price. Regardless of the reason your purchase the watch, you'll want to make it yours, and that could include a new watch band.

There are a lot of different watch sizes out there, which also means there are just as many watch band sizes. Maybe you have some watch bands from your Galaxy Watch that you want to use for the new Galaxy Watch 3. Perhaps you would like to purchase some options for when you receive your new watch. Thankfully, the original Galaxy Watch, both the 46mm with the 22mm band and 42mm with a 20mm band, used standard watch bands.

Galaxy Watch 3 Both Sizes

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 3, it decided to create twos sizes as well, 45mm and 41mm. While doing this, Samsung maintained the same standard band sizes that the original Galaxy Watch used. This means you get to keep those favorite watch bands that you have from your other watches utilizing the standard watch straps. Using either 20mm or 22mm on the 41mm or 45mm your Galaxy Watch 3 can take advantage of them.

Now you can customize your new Samsung smartwatch till your heart's content with a variety of watch bands. With so many watch band options from silicone to leather, canvas to metal, and so many others, you may have a hard time picking out a favorite.

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