Can I customize my PS5?

Ps5 Vertical
Ps5 Vertical (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Maybe, but we don't have any details right now. It seems likely though, since in a now-deleted thread on LinkedIn, a PlayStation executive said that the hardware is "also customizable in ways previous gens weren't."

Can I customize my PS5?

Right now, Sony has not explicitly stated that the PS5 can be customized. With that said, Sony's VP of UX design at PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin, made some interesting commentary in a thread on LinkedIn (spotted by The Verge) that has since been deleted. MacLaurin stated that the hardware "is also customizable in ways previous gens weren't," indicating that maybe players can do something to customize it on their own. While the PS5 has launched worldwide, it's possible more details on this subject are coming in 2021.

PS5 customization What about special edition consoles?

No unique special edition PS5 has been announced...yet. However, ome special edition consoles will no doubt be announced later on to coincide with major PS5 games. In the very same (now-deleted) LinkedIn thread mentioned above, MacLaurin said that "there will be a special edition for everyone."

We'll likely have to wait a while before any of these special edition consoles are announced, but rest assured, they are almost certainly coming. Right now, there are two different PS5 models: a regular version with a 4K Blu-ray drive and an all-digital edition. It'll be interesting to see the breakdown in which versions get special edition models.

In the meantime, the PS5 is currently available and you can try to purchase one, though finding a console in stock is extremely difficult at the moment. In our PS5 review, PlayStation lead Jennifer Locke noted that the console's many improvements make it impossible to go back to a PS4.

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