C Spire Wireless launches LTE network, with Galaxy S3 and Photon Q

C Spire has launched their LTE network, with Greenville and McComb, Mississippi lighting up as of today. They have quite the rollout plan if you're a Mississippian, with LTE eventually eventually blanketing the state from Oxford in the north all the way down to Biloxi and Gulfport. We love seeing regional carriers push forward with new technology, especially when Android is being used.

Of course, an LTE network isn't much use without devices to take advantage, and that's where Android comes in. Today you can order the Motorola Photon Q for $199 with a new contract, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III) will be coming soon. 

C Spire's plans are a bit different than what most of us are used to, with special data plans for streaming video and tethering. Rather than try to hash it all out here, I'll direct you to the Choice Data Pass options page, where there are also handy links to get more information. Anyone in the Magnolia State planning to jump on board here? Sing out in the comments.

More: C Spire; Thanks, deltascrew!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • It seems like a lot of these smaller carriers copy the names Sprint uses for their phones.
  • This is exciting news for my state! However, I will not be able to take advantage of C-Spire's service: Their stipulation that "Customers are required to use 50% of their voice and data usage within the C Spire network" precludes me and my fiancee from joining since she lives out of the network...
  • Lighting up Greenville first seems a little odd, but it's nice to see the folks in the Delta getting some LTE love. Lord knows they can use a little technological innovation in that area. If you've ever been there, you'll know what I mean. Does anyone know how far out of town the LTE deployment is going? Does it make it as far as Hollandale and Glen Allan?
  • That was my first reaction... Don't understand why they would launch it in the delta first... demand will be super low there... maybe they are using it almost as a test run? Seems like Jackson, Starkville, and Oxford would be the first cities they would focus on for population and tech/savvy user base.
  • Yeah, I thought the same thing. And I think Greenville would be an easy deployment due to the relatively small area and flat terrain. Plus, having lower demand might be an advantage in that you don't have tons of users jumping on all at once, so it's easier to see how the new network will perform as load picks up. You know, if they did go out into the county, fixed LTE could be a viable product. There are lots of places where broadband simply isn't available, so a product like Verizon's Home Fusion ought to do well. Glen Allan has DSL, but it tops out at 6 mb/s, and there are plenty of places that can't even get that.