Bob Dylan 'Shadow Kingdom': How to watch the virtual concert live from anywhere

Bob Dylan Shadow Kingdom Hero
Bob Dylan Shadow Kingdom Hero (Image credit: Facebook / Bob Dylan)

Though live music is slowly returning in areas across the world, livestreamed virtual concerts aren't going anywhere now that labels and artists alike have seen what a huge success they can be. New artists are jumping onto various virtual platforms and performing every week, but it's not every day that a legendary artist like Bob Dylan plays to a virtual audience. This weekend, fans of the iconic performer will get to watch from around the world as he takes the stage for his first-ever virtual concert, Shadow Kingdom.

Shadow Kingdom will see Dylan performing in an intimate setting and is set to feature songs spanning his extensive body of work. The event also marks his first concert performance since December 2019.

While there are some free livestream concerts that happen on sites like YouTube, many of the best virtual shows are ticketed events. You won't have to pay anywhere near as much as you would to go see the performer in person though. Shadow Kingdom tickets cost $25 at Veeps. There shouldn't be any location restrictions that block access based on where you live, though we have some VPN advice below if you are having trouble watching the show.

Bob Dylan 'Shadow Kingdom': When and where

Bob Dylan is performing virtually this Sunday, July 18 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, though you will need a ticket if you want to catch the performance. Make sure to buy your ticket at Veeps in advance so you're ready to watch once the show begins.

Veeps is the only place to watch the virtual Bob Dylan concert this weekend, though if you can't watch right as it premieres live, you can replay Shadow Kingdom on Veeps with your ticket through midnight PT on July 20.

How to watch Bob Dylan Shadow Kingdom live stream

This is literally the easiest Bob Dylan concert to attend in history, so there's really no reason to miss out as Bob will be performing songs from his entire discography. Just make sure to grab your ticket first and then you'll be able to watch on a variety of devices when you login to Veeps, including smartphones, tablets, your computer, or even smart TVs with a web browser.

This virtual tribute concert is being streamed worldwide, though if you're still having trouble accessing the show due to a location restriction, you may need to try out a VPN service to watch. Luckily, there are plenty of stellar options available to choose from.

No matter where in the world you may be, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to unlock access to watch Bob Dylan's virtual concert live. Get in on this deal now!
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