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Tim Allen loves the BlackBerry 'Mercury', makes a cameo on Last Man Standing

Although the BlackBerry 'Mercury' has yet to be officially announced, it seems as though there is already some sly marketing happening on behalf of BlackBerry Mobile. As spotted in the CrackBerry forums, in the latest episode of Last Man Standing, plenty of on-screen time is given to the QWERTY handset by Tim Allen's character, Michael Baxter.

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While it's not really surprising given Tim Allen's well-known love for BlackBerry phones, it's interesting to see this sort of product placement happening already. Hopefully, it's just a small beginning to a much larger marketing campaign BlackBerry Mobile has planned for the rollout of the 'Mercury.'

BlackBerry 'Mercury' makes an appearance on Last Man Standing

  • I don't care what anyone thinks. This phone is going to be awesome.
  • I agree with you!
  • So cool looking!
  • The priv was a good phone but this could be great. I was never a blackberry guy but this phone... could really turn it around for them. I kinda hope they can land a government contract with it.
  • Hope it goes well! I'd love to see TLC offer several qwerty's if they see a demand. :)
  • I'm very excited about this product. My last BlackBerry was the BlackBerry Passport. The BlackBerry Mercury will be the device that brings me back home!
  • Awesome!! I played with Mercury at back at CES in Vegas for a bit. Brought back the warm and fuzzies for me of the earlier devices. Think it's going to find a lot of users!
  • Good to hear from you CrackBerry Kevin! I agree the Mercury will find alot of users! Reminds me of the glory days..LOL!
  • The reason Tim Allen has that phone before everyone else is that its a known fact he is absolutely obsessed with gadgets and phones, He probably owns every single flagship and oddball phone there is, Lucky *******
  • As a watcher of Last Man Standing from episode 1... he ALWAYS has the latest blackberry .. usually a special edition. He carried around a Red PRIV for most of last season. His daughters always have the personalized Moto G's.
  • Cool. Didn't realize that!
  • Yeah. There are always brand new phones in there. My wife doesn't appreciate when I point out every time they are using different phones. Not as exciting for her.
  • i do the same thing and it drives my wife nuts. Especially back in my OEM Dev days, i'd say, "Hey! i suggested that feature!".. or they'll use some feature on the phone that was so buggy i put the kibosh on it, i'd be like, "ha, that won't be on the release model, i can't believe they are using it in this"...
  • I just want it to hurry up and release. Hnnng
  • Why is there a need for a real keyboard again?
  • Few of my reasons here.
  • They may have been valid reasons 4 years ago. But I can confidently type using SwiftKey so fast that losing screen area for keyboard seems a retrograde step.
  • Benefits of a physical keyboard are often overlooked. It is at its best when walking and typing around a large crowd of people, say for example an airport. You know where the keys are by feel with little to no error, while walking with your head up. Seems silly but it's a huge benefit.
  • To each his or her own, that's why we have options, and choice is a beautiful thing ;-)
  • What about assigning key function? Not sure if this is doable on virtual keyboard Using no physical keyboard looks like this... Find app, open app and action command
    Eg. Open hub, select compose, select account to compose from then write Or quick key setting on physical keyboard Long Press key and you are ready to execute command Eg. Press C and Compose email from default account of your choosing Think of having like 20 quick gestures on one touch It is not just about typing
  • They're valid reasons today as well. Not everyone likes to swipe type.
  • Hmm well I never used a physical keyboard much on a mobile device (never owned a blackberry, my first smartphone was an iPhone 3G) so I feel like this type of phone is not aimed at me. I feel there's not really a point to it when swipe typing is just so good these days. Trying to use my wife's iPhone keyboard was so frustrating to me because it's hunt and peck (physical keyboard style) that I had to install Gboard. She doesn't like or understand swipe typing though so Gboard is just for me when I use her phone. I guess to each their own, but physical keyboards seem like a giant step backwards to me.
  • because some of us miss them. I can type loads faster on a physical keyboard and I am not bad on a touch. THere is just nothing like a physical keyboard
  • "Hopefully, it's just a small beginning to a much larger marketing campaign BlackBerry Mobile has planned for the rollout of the 'Mercury.'" LOOOOOL, Blackberry doesnt spend money on advertising and then acts surprised when people question if they are even still around.
  • This is TCL not BlackBerry so marketing efforts remain to be proven.
  • Where's Debbe Dunning (Heidi)? Then I might buy.
  • Sweet!
  • The weirdest thing always happens during a Blackberry device launch.. Lots and lots of positive comments from people saying they want it, will buy it etc.. Yet they never sell well.. Its almost as if BB is paying millions or people to write positive comments hoping to somehow influence their devices.. A completely lost cause if you ask me.. BB is dead. They are that slow kid at the back of the class that we all know will fail.
  • I think many people are initially willing to buy a new blackberry, but then BB go and do something silly to put them off, often it is them overpricing a new model for the level of specs provided.
  • Interesting that you should mention "that slow kid at the back of the class that we all know will fail." I WAS that 'slow' kid at the back of the class and now have a degree in Information Systems (18 years ago) leading a team of software developers producing world class software. It may not be that the kid is slow...he or she may just be bored out of their mind and should actually be in some type of accelerated class; you never know. The last BB I owned was the Curve. Then, I migrated to iPhone 3GS. I have since experimented with several different devices and operating systems. However, I continue to stick with iPhone. The questions about the security of Android have always been in the back of my mind and has limited any long term move into the ecosystem. If it's proven that BB has indeed hardened Android's security, I may switch back to the BB at some point. Don't judge a book by it's cover or a kid by where they sit in class. Open the book and read it or get to know the kid; you just might learn something from either.
  • Do Blackberry users care about camera quality? Just wondering if this will have a competing sensor or not.
  • Supposedly has same sensor as Pixel, but the software will be the determining factor
  • Love love love the bottom 95% of the phone, but just can't seem to live the forehead, just seems discordant to me visually, but I'm sure I can learn to love it . . Thoughts from those who've had hands on in person?
  • Lucky dog! But hey good product placement! Didn't he also have a red BB Passport on this show also a while back?
  • Yup -- he ran a Passport from almost the launch until he had the Priv. As far as I recall he's always had a Blackberry which solidified it 'For Business Users' model.
  • Ugh, product placement. At least it's not as obvious and badly placed as Alexa's in Mr. Robot
  • Well im sure BB will screw up on advertising the phone like they have over the years, but there is still hope I am a big BB fan and I hope it goes gang busters
  • Oh boy this may be my first berry
  • If it can impress me it will get my money over the s 8
  • Cool, I like the show a lot. My last BlackBerry was the Curve. Then, I moved to iPhone until curiosity about the HTC Evo 4G struck. I've been using both iOS and Android platforms ever since. I don't think I'll purchase another BlackBerry, but the Passport was interesting.
  • "well known love for blackberry phones" lol How is that a well known fact..
  • I've always noticed that he uses a Blackberry on the show and they say Tim Allen uses them in real life because he loves them. Something looked a little "off" with his Blackberry this week but I didn't know what it was. Didn't look like his Priv or Passport. So that's what the Mercury looks like.... I like it. May have to be my next Blackberry. We'll see when it officially launches. I just don't wanna have to deal with Big Red and updates like I did on the Priv. What a nightmare that was.
  • I hope this is just the start of a rigorous marketing campaign by TCL and BlackBerry.
    I also hope they include the DTEK50 and DTEK60 in the campaign.
  • I wish they make an 'all touch' version, it would be wonderful... like an upgrade for the Priv.
  • They have already - the Dtek60