Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have been gaining traction lately due to the eroding nature of our privacy while online. A VPN acts as an encrypted tunnel that shuttles data from your PC to a special server before hitting the open internet. This special server features a shared IP, also providing a bit of extra anonymity.

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There are plenty of VPN services to choose from, but they aren't all created equally. Paid VPNs are generally preferred due to increased performance, extra features, and a clearer agreement as to the logging of your data. One paid VPN service that we reviewed warmly is IPVanish, a leading provider in the arena.

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IPVanish has strong encryption, works on a wide variety of devices (including some routers), has a long list of servers in plenty of countries, promises to not keep user logs, and offers solid speed and performance across the board.

When it comes to subscriptions, IPVanish usually offers three different options. You can get one month for $10, you can get three months for about $9 per month (total of about $27), or you can get one year for about $6.50 per month (total of about $78).

If those prices seem a bit steep, Android Central has a Black Friday/Cyber Week deal running from November 22-29 that makes a special two-year deal come in at just $69. That's a monthly cost of just $2.87. Compared to the regular yearly subscription offer, you're getting two years for less than half the price.

If you've been thinking about a VPN service to help protect your privacy online, this two-year deal for IPVanish might be the push you need.

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