Biomutant for PS4 preorder guide: Every edition and what's in them

Biomutant Screenshot
Biomutant Screenshot (Image credit: THQ Nordic)

The long-awaited Biomutant from Experiment 101 is finally set to arrive later in 2021 and anyone looking forward to this truly unusual action role-playing game has a variety of options to pick and choose from. It's published by THQ Nordic, meaning there's some truly wild (and expensive) collector's editions for anyone willing. To help clear up what comes with what, we've put together a preorder guide for Biomutant, detailing each edition of the game available.

Biomutant all editions available for preorder

There's three different versions of Biomutant that you can choose from when preordering. The first is the standard edition. It's $60 and comes with the game, so it's pretty simple. After that, things get interesting.

If you want a special edition of the game, you could go for the Collector's Edition. At $120, you get the game and a variety of neat bonus items:

  • Official Soundtrack
  • A1 Fabric Artwork
  • Figurine of the main character
  • Premium Box

Source: THQ Nordic (Image credit: Source: THQ Nordic)

If you, for some reason, are in the mood to spend $400 on a special version of Biomutant, there's also the Atomic Edition. It comes with the following:

  • Diorama of main character in combat
  • Steelbook
  • T-Shirt in L/XL
  • Oversized Mousepad
  • A1 Fabric Artwork
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Premium Box

Source: THQ Nordic (Image credit: Source: THQ Nordic)

We feel the need to repeat ourselves in saying this is $400. That's the price of a PS5 Digital Edition, or an Xbox Series S with $100 left over. Still, it undeniably offers the most extras and is the only way to the get the steelbook for the game.

Is there a PS5 edition of Biomutant available?

There aren't any next-generation enhancements we're aware of right now, so although it'll be playable on PS5 through backward compatibility, it won't be joining the ranks of the best PS5 games available, at least not at launch.

After a long development period and numerous delays, Biomutant is currently set to release on May 25 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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