Best Wireless Charging Pads for LG G6 Android Central 2021

The LG G6 supports wireless charging the U.S. and Canada, and if you want to keep it conveniently charged without having to plug it in then you'll need a great wireless charger. Keep in mind that the LG G6 does not support fast wireless charging, so you needn't worry about the speed of any wireless charger — they'll all work just as quickly. The thing you do need to worry about is that the G6 only supports Qi wireless charging and not PMA (standard).

Anker PowerWave Pad

Trusted brand: Anker PowerWave Pad

Staff Pick

Anker's PowerWave Pad is equipped with an LED indicator to let you know that it's working and a 3-foot Micro-USB cable so you have everything you need. With 10W charging speeds, this will quickly charge the G6 and other devices that you may have with ease.

$12 at Amazon
RAVPower HyperAir Portable Charging Pad

On the go: RAVPower HyperAir 10,400mAh Wireless Power Bank

What if you forget a cable at home but still need to charge up your G6? With RAVPower's HyperAir Wireless Power Bank, there is a wireless charger built into the top of the casing itself. Plus, you can use both the wireless charger and the USB port at the same time if the situation arises. With the 10,400mAh battery cell, this will last you for quite some time, even if you are charging more than just the G6.

$40 at Amazon
Yootech Wireless Charging Pad

Multiple charging modes: Yootech 10W Fast Charging Pad

The Yootech 10W Fast Charging Pad has a green LED indicator ring around the bottom, and comes with a USB-C charging cable. These charging modes vary depending on the device that you are charging, ranging from 5W for most models, up to 10W for Samsung devices. However, you'll need to provide the proper fast-charging wall plug in order to get this working.

$9 at Amazon
CHOETECH 3-Coil Charging Pad

High-efficiency charging: CHOETECH 3-Coil Charging Pad

One issue with some charging pads is that you have to put the G6 on them "just right". With the CHOETECH 3-coil Pad, those worries can be put to rest as the three coils offer a wider charging area.

$20 at Amazon
Samsung Fast Charge Pad (2019)

Samsung-certified: Samsung Fast Charge Pad with Cooling Fan

Samsung has been making solid wireless chargers for years and the 2019 edition may be the best yet. This charger works with any Qi-enabled device, includes an LED indicator, and even a built-in cooling fan so that your G6 doesn't overheat while charging.

$41 at Amazon
Spigen Fast Charging Stand

Prop it up: Spigen Fast Charging Stand

It's all find and dandy to have a charging pad on your desk, but there's not much you can do with the phone. With the Spigen Charging stand, your phone will be propped up at an angle so you can throw on a movie or at least see your notifications as they come through.

$36 at Amazon
CHOETCH T521 S Car Charger

In the car: CHOETECH Wireless Car Charger Mount

CHOETECH's Wireless Car Charger Mount is great if you want to get rid of cables. After the mount has been set up, simply throw your G6 into the adjustable mount and enjoy fast wireless charging.

$26 at Amazon
RAVPower HyperAir Wireless Charging Pad

Everything you need: RAVPower HyperAir Fast Wireless Charger

RAVPower's HyperAir Wireless Charging Pad is a great pick thanks to the fact that you get everything in the box. That includes the new charging pad itself, USB-C cable, and the proper wall plug so that the pad is powered correctly.

$27 at Amazon
CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Charge multiple devices: CHOETECH 5-coil Double Wireless Charging Pad

Chances are that the LG G6 is not the only device in your arsenal. CHOETECH's new Double Charging Pad includes five coils, allowing for multiple devices to charge at the same time.

$23 at Amazon
iOttie iON Wireless Go Charger

Light, portable, and fashionable: iOttie iON Wireless Go Power Bank

Portable chargers come in all shapes and sizes and the iOttie iON Wireless Go is a good mix of lightweight and versatile. In addition to including a 10,000mAh battery cell, there is a wireless charger built on-top, a USB- A3.0 Qualcomm QC port, along with a 18W PD USB-C port.

$40 at Amazon

Get a charger for all situations

It can be kind of tough to find the "right" wireless charger to pair with your LG G6. But when you have solid and reliable options like the Anker PowerWave Pad, the decision is already kind of made for you. The charging pad has quick-charge capabilities, looks sleek, and has a built-in LED indicator to let you know that it's working.

However, we don't all just charge our phones at a desk or at the bedside and that's where RAVPower's HyperAir Wireless Portable Charger comes in. The portable charger includes a 10,400mAh cell, while allowing you to simultaneously charge multiple devices at once with the right cable. Plus, there is 10W fast-charging support if your other devices support the quicker wireless charging speeds.

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