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Ezvalo 4 In 1 Touch Lamp Lifestyle
Ezvalo 4 In 1 Touch Lamp Lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

Stylish and functional desk lamps that can do double duty and charge your phone are pretty common nowadays. As wireless charging is becoming all the rage, more devices and accessories are incorporating Qi charging. The EZVALO 4 in 1 Touch Lamp is the best wireless charging lamp that looks super cool and extremely functional. You can place a Qi-enabled mobile device atop the wireless charging lamp, use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker, and it also works as a phone holder.

Best overall: EZVALO 4 in 1 Touch Lamp

Ezvalo 4 In 1 Touch Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

EZVALO 4 in 1 Touch Lamp

Portable entertainment station

Adjustable brightness on lamp
Comes with Bluetooth speaker
Portable with 1,800mAh battery
Handle doubles as phone holder
Stylish, minimalist design
No extra USB ports
Might have to remove phone case to charge wirelessly

This lamp isn't just a lamp that can also wirelessly charge a mobile device; it functions as a portable Bluetooth speaker for your auditory needs. The EZVALO 4 in 1 Touch Lamp includes a touch control LED lamp embedded into the device's handle and a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad into the base. You get three different brightness settings, going from 30% to 70% and up to 100% brightness.

The handle that acts as the lamp itself also acts as a mount for your phone. Since you can swerve it up to a 180° angle, the handle becomes a phone holder should you need it to be one, allowing you to prop up your device. Beneath the charging part of the contraption, you will find a fabric-covered bulky disk standing on small legs. That section is the speaker. The entire lamp acts as a one-stop entertainment and charging center.

The Qi charging pad is compatible with all Qi devices, though you might have to remove the protective case. You get wireless charging speeds of 10W on Android devices and 7.5W on iOS. The EZVALO 4 in 1 Touch Lamp has a built-in 1,800mAh battery, so you can even charge wirelessly, wirelessly! You can top up the lamp via the USB-C input port and control the Bluetooth 5.0 speaker with the physical buttons onboard.

Best for stylish decor: Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp

Masdio By Ampulla Bedside Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp

Beauty and brains

Can also play music through built-in speaker
Lamp is dimmable
Stylish and elegant design
Doesn't have USB port for charging a second device
Uses ancient Bluetooth 4.0

While it's labeled a "bedside" lamp, the elegant design and high price suggest that this wireless charging lamp is one you'd want to place somewhere to show it off. In addition to including a table lamp and wireless charger, it also functions as a Bluetooth speaker.

Employing a Light of Tree design that looks like an actual tree, it offers stepless dimming through the cherry wood shade. The 5V 1A wireless charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices and charging receivers. Turn it on and off using the switch and dim by sliding your fingers. A Good Night Mode via a long press will dim the 20-watt, 200 lumens LED bulb and turn it off after 30 minutes, once you presumably fall asleep.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0, meanwhile, to connect to your smartphone or other mobile devices to play tunes through its built-in speaker. Place it on your bedside table, in the den, or even on your office desk.

Best for furnishing a room: Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp

Ready to furnish

Versatile piece of furniture
Can swap the bulb for a smart one
Might be more than you need
Much bigger than others

Unlike other wireless charging lamps on this list, this is a full-floor, standing piece of furniture that includes a built-in lamp and wireless charger. So it's ideal for the living room, bedroom, office, or anywhere you need to maximize space like a small apartment or dorm. The Japanese-style tall and narrow floor lamp is made of wood and employs a rustic, farmhouse style that will match various types of décor.

It measures about 63 inches tall and is about 10 x 10 inches wide. It's easy to assemble with about 15 inches of height in between each shelf to use the others for decorative items, books, and more. The top shelf contains a built-in wireless charger stand about 10 x 5 inches for recharging smartphones, tablets, and other wireless charging enabled devices. It also has a USB port and a standard electric wall outlet on the shelf to charge two more devices.

At the top is a lamp that operates via a simple built-in pull chain switch. It comes with a 9.5-watt, 800 lumens 3,000K warm white LED bulb, but you can replace it with a smart bulb to control lighting via voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. The 110V outlet is safe to use in a 220V outlet with a 220V-110V converter.

Best for desktop: AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp (4th Gen)

Afrog Multifunctional Led Desk Lamp Lifestyle

Source: AFROG (Image credit: Source: AFROG)

AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp (4th Gen)

An office companion

Adjustable positioning to direct light
Easy to fold and use for travel
Plenty of modes and adjustable brightness
Budget-friendly pick
Designed mainly for office use
More functional in look than stylish
Only one other USB charging port

The AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp (4th Gen) offers dimmable light in an even glow without any glare or flicker. Position it beside your computer, add more light to the screen and avoid straining your eyes. The desk lamp offers five colors in varying tones of warmth and seven brightness levels, all operated via touch controls. It comes equipped with a multi-joint arm and rotating base so you can position the direction of the light just right.

The 12W bulb on the AFROG Desk Lamp emits a dazzling 1,800 lumens of light. On the charging front, it pushes out wireless top-up speeds of up to 10 and 7.5 watts to Android devices and iPhones, respectively. Just place the device atop the Qi-enabled charging surface, and you can charge any Qi-enabled device or receiver. There's also a 5V/2A USB charging port at the back left to charge a second device.

While it is technically designed for desktop use, you could easily use this lamp on your bedside table. And the convenient foldable design makes it ideal for bringing with you to the office or while traveling on business. A timer will turn it off automatically after 40 or 60 minutes, ideal if you use it in the bedroom.

Best for bedside table: Lampression USB Nightstand Lamp

Lampression Usb Nightstand Lamp Colors Lifestyle

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

Lampression USB Nightstand Lamp

Light or charge

Can charge multiple devices with extra USB port
Extra-long power cord for placing it anywhere
Stylish design options
Not dimmable
Phone oddly sits right below glaring light
Might be awkward to fit a tablet

Perfect for placing on your bedside table, this stylish lamp comes with a 6-inch base in brushed steel with a black fabric shade or mid-century antique brass with an ivory fabric shade, matching the décor in your bedroom or whatever room you decide to put it in. Unfortunately, the option with the darker shade is usually hard to come by.

With an LED lamp offering 2,700K warm lighting from the included bulb, you get dual Qi-certified 5-watt chargers to wirelessly power up Qi-enabled mobile devices, plus an extra 2.1A fast USB charging port for charging up a second device. The light and chargers work separately, so you can still charge up your devices overnight when the light is off and charge two devices wirelessly and via USB at the same time. Charging will automatically shut off when the device is fully charged to prevent overheating or damaging the smartphone's battery.

Turn the light off via an on/off switch on the front; unfortunately, it isn't dimmable. The lamp comes with a 5-foot-long cord to place it anywhere and hide the cords behind furniture or tables.

Best for technophiles: Floatidea Magnetic Levitating Lamp

Floatidea Magnetic Levitating Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

Floatidea Magnetic Levitating Lamp

Cool as a cucumber

Shatterproof floating bulb looks cool
Energy efficient
Touch power controls
No brightness controls
Expensive compared to some other options

Are you a die-hard tech lover and revel in showing it to the world? There's no better way to proclaim your love of cool gadgets than the Floatidea Magnetic Levitating Lamp. Not only does it come with a 10W Qi wireless charging pad built into the base, but it's also magical.

Just kidding, it's not actually magical, but that levitating Edison bulb gives off some pretty mysterious vibes. It's not sorcery that's at work here. Using complex physics laws involving magnetism, Floatidea has created an actual "flying" bulb that hangs from the lamp without anything tangible, keeping it in mid-air. You don't need to worry about whoopsies either, as the floating bulb is shatterproof and durable.

The Floatidea Magnetic Levitating Lamp comes in a metallic black option and a silver finish. It is also energy efficient, saving you some coins for monthly utilities. Adding to its enigmatic feel, the lamp offers touch controls to turn it on or off. Despite its hefty price tag, the Floatidea Lamp is the best wireless charging lamp for technophiles.

Best for traditional look: Macally Wireless Charging Lamp

Macally Wireless Charging Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

Macally Wireless Charging Lamp

Charging in disguise

Traditional design for placing anywhere
Safety features built-in
Light isn't dimmable and might be too bright for setting
Bulb does not appear to be replaceable
Might be awkward to fit a tablet

If you'd prefer a lamp that looks like a traditional lamp but hides some cool and modern high-tech features inside, this one might just fit the bill. It looks like your basic modern-designed metal lamp. It has a large circular white fabric shade covering the LED bulb, which offers up to 25,000 hours of life; it does not appear to be easily replaceable, though. But there's a secret: you can also place a mobile device on the base to wirelessly charge it!

The charger works with all Qi-enabled smartphones and receivers. The lamp also includes a fast-charging 2.4A USB port for charging devices up to 10 watts. There's also surge protection, temperature control, short circuit protection, and over-current protection built-in for peace of mind when charging multiple devices.

Turn on the lamp to get comfortable ambient lighting via soft, warm light at 3.6 watts of 2,700K brightness. The traditional design means it's suited for virtually anywhere, from the living room side table to your office desk, nightstand, or even front foyer.

Bottom line

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Wireless charging lamps come in all shapes and sizes, from desk lamps to floor-standing ones. I really like the EZVALO 4 in 1 Touch Lamp concept, which includes a standard touch control dimmable lamp combined with a flat Qi wireless charging pad. You also get useful extras, including a built-in Bluetooth speaker, 1,800mAh of juice to go portable, and the handle's secondary function as a phone holder. So your phone sits nicely beside the light versus awkwardly under it as with other units. It has everything you'd need in a wireless charging lamp for an affordable price that won't break the bank.

Not sure if your phone supports wireless charging? Fret not, for we have a comprehensive list of every single Android phone that supports wireless charging. Keep in mind that not every phone with wireless charging is fully compatible with regular Qi charging devices. Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices use propriety protocols for fast charging, so they may or may not charge quickly with these desk lamps. If you're confused, check out our explainer that breaks down wireless fast charging.

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