Best Wallet Cases for the Google Pixel

Update May 7: Added the BornTech case and removed the Abacus24-7 folio case which is no longer available.

Wallet cases offer and an elegant and functional way to keep your phone, cards, and cash around in one place while cutting down on the amount of stuff one needs to carry around.

The cases we've assembled here are for the 5-inch Pixel, so you won't want to get one of these if you've got the larger Pixel XL.

BornTech Leather Wallet Case

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For a wallet case dripping with elegant style, you should check out the BornTech folio wallet case. With a premium leather look and feel (that's actually made of polycarbonate material), this case's appearance belies its bargain price.

BornTech's case offers space for up to three cards along with a pocket for folded bills, while the TPU sleeve keeps your phone protected from drops with precise cutouts for the ports, camera, and flash on the back. It also folds over into a stand for hands-free media viewing. It's a simple and elegant design that is available in both black and brown color options.

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BELK Retro Slim Wallet Case

This stylish option features a slightly weathered look for the polyurethane leather on the outside, and is available in six colors to match your style. Simply snap your phone into the TPU case on the inside and enjoy the full protection that a wallet case such as this provides.

There are three slots for your cards and ID, along with a pocket for storing folded bills or receipts. The front cover is held into place with a magnet to complete the look.

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Procase Flip Cover Card Case with mirror

This wallet case from Procase features a little makeup mirror on the inside of the cover, making this a great case for women on the go. The mirror takes up a spot where a third card slot or ID holder would be, but you still have two slots and the cash pocket for carrying things.

This is arguably the most stylish option on this list, available in four color options, each coming with a matching wrist strap.

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Abacus24-7 Pixel Slim Wallet Bumper Case

If you're looking for a more minimalistic wallet case, you might want to consider this option. Forgoing the typical front cover found on other wallet case options, this bumper case features a card slot on the back that you might be able to squeeze two cards into if you try really hard.

It's available in four color options, with the black case featuring stylish red stitching.

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What's in your wallet case?

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  • It's weird how nobody seems to make left handed wallet cases...
  • Yea, I would love a wallet case, but they are all right handed. Speaking of this issue, my company is being very "ergo-centric" and is pushing the use of a specific ergo mouse. Only one problem, Its only right handed. I cant use them.
  • I just never have been able to get on board with wallet cases, who knows, maybe it's because I'm left handed as well.
  • I'm using Davis Case I've got from Amazon (being sold there under "Genuine vintage Leather Case" name). It's my 1st wallet case and I must say that I'm impressed with the quality and usability of it.
  • I would like a plastic case with a little compartment on the back to put a DL and a Credit Card, maybe a few bills. Unfortunately not everyone uses contactless payments so...I just can't do the flip wallet.
  • I decided to go down this road: