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If you've invested in a new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you'll need to grab a protective case for it, stat, to ensure that you protect that gorgeous and sizable 6.8-inch screen from accidental drops, bumps, scuffs, and scratches. While there are some wonderful cases out there for the S21, including heavy-duty ones, you might be looking specifically for an ultra-thin case that will allow you to show off the ultra-sleek phone. And these are the best thin cases for Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Galaxy S21 Ultra

Tried and trusted: Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal

Staff pick

You can never go wrong with a Spigen case, which is often my go-to when I'm looking to protect a new smartphone or tablet. This one is slim and form fitting, and includes a PC back with TPU edges and a polycarbonate frame. Finished in black, it has a raised lip, precise cut-outs, and offers military-grade protection despite its thin design.

$17 at Amazon
Torras Crystal Clear Case Galaxy S21 Ultra

No yellowing: TORRAS Crystal Clear

Get crystal-clear protection while also showing off the finish of the phone itself, and without worry about ugly yellowing of the case. This ultra-thin case is shockproof and made of silicone TPU, with cushioned corners and a 1mm raised lip around the camera and screen. Grab it in clear or with a slight blue hue.

From $18 at Amazon
Ringke Onyx Galaxy S21 Ultra

Add a strap: Ringke Onyx

This clever case incorporates holes so you can thread a lanyard through it (sold separately) to wear the phone around your neck, over your shoulder, or messenger-style cross-body. It's made of tough and rugged TPU, offering military-grade protection, and comes finished in black, dark gray, or navy. It's totally flexible, too.

$13 at Amazon
Temdan Case Galaxy S21 Ultra

Fend off scratches: Temdan Case

Made of anti-scratch acrylic along with clear and soft TPU and hard PC, this case will offer protection you need against everything from bumps to scratches, dust, and shock. It has covered corners and raised edges, and goes on easily with a snap.

$13 at Amazon
I Blason Cosmo Series Galaxy S21 Ultra

Super stylish: i-Blason Cosmo Series

Add a bit of flare to the phone with these slim and stylish cases that come in marble, ameth, or ocean eye-catching designs. Made of TPU, they are flexible, impact-resistant, and have an elevated bezel to further protect the screen.

From $20 at Amazon
Esr Clear Case Galaxy S21 Ultra

Anti-cling: ESR Project Zero Series Clear Case

It's really annoying when a soft case clings to your phone and can leave marks behind. This case prevents that through the use of built-in microdots that keep it from clinging to your phone. Made of transparent polymer, the slim, soft, and flexible case offers shock resistance. Because it's clear, you can still see the beauty of the phone shine through.

$10 at Amazon
Tendlin Leather Hybrid Case Galaxy S21 Ultra

Add texture: TENDLIN Wood Grain Leather Hybrid Case

Add some texture to the look with this wood grain case that employs a carbon fiber texture design on the leather, all in one piece, with shock-absorbent TPU rubber on the inside. Despite the materials used, it's still ultra-slim and doesn't add much bulk to the phone.

$16 at Amazon
Speck Presidio2 Grip Galaxy S21 Ultra

No slip-ups: Speck Products Presidio2 Grip

With a no-slip grip, this case can also protect against bacteria thanks to the invisible Microban protection. The coastal blue/black and storm blue finish is attractive and the polycarbonate material offers up to 13 feet of drop protection. This case is soft to the touch, and is worth the extra few bucks.

Spidercase Galaxy S21 Ultra

Soft and clear: SPIDERCASE

Soft to the touch and clear to the eye, this TPU case with hard PC reinforced corner shock absorption is ultra-thin and transparent. You get further protection through the scratch-resistant back and raised bezel edges.

$13 at Amazon
Caseology Vault Galaxy S21 Ultra

Solid for everyday: Caseology Vault

A solid option as your basic, everyday case, this one is finished in either matte black or urban gray so it will blend right in. Offering shockproof protection is the tough and flexible TPU material that can protect your phone against everyday wear and tear, as well as the occasional accidental drop.

From $13 at Amazon
Eloven Wallet Case Galaxy S21 Ultra

Hide some cards: ELOVEN Wallet Case

Hide up to two cards, from a driver's license to an ID or other card, in the clever sliding door on the back of this case that reveals a hidden compartment. It has dual layers or hard PC while remaining soft and flexible to the touch and maintaining a thin footprint. Grab one in black, navy blue, or rose gold.

$10 at Amazon
Disney Collection Case Galaxy S21 Ultra

Get playful: Disney Collection Case

Explore your playful side with one of these Disney Collection cases, which are transparent with an image of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or the pair together; or a Stitch Couple love heart pattern and Style Stitch. They are made of clear, soft TPU with hard PC corners and offers shockproof protection against drops.

$14 at Amazon

Which Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra-thin case is right for you?

Chances are that if you're on the hunt specifically for a thin case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it's because you want to see the gorgeous design of the phone through it, including whatever finish option you've chosen. Because of this, it makes sense to consider a totally clear one. We always gravitate to Spigen because the brand is so reliable, and that still holds true when looking at the best thin cases for Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal case is an option worth considering, offering both military-grade protection and a black frame with clear back to show off the phone.

But don't discount other options like the ESR Project Zero Series Clear Case which has the added benefit of those microdots that help prevent the case from sticking to the back of the phone.

If you'd prefer a case that isn't transparent, the Ringke Onyx is unique in that incorporates holes for a lanyard, which can come in handy when you don't want to bring a purse or backpack but don't have any pockets. And for the ultimate in fashion, the i-Blason Cosmo Series comes in some really attractive designs.

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