Best Thin Cases for Galaxy Note 10+ Android Central 2021

The Galaxy Note 10+ is an amazing device with a large display, big battery, and a microSD card slot. It's also a very thin phone, and if you want to retain that thinness while also keeping the phone out of harm's way, you'll want to pick up an excellent thin case. Here are our top recommendations.

Spigen Thin Fit Note 10+

Snap-on in a second: Spigen Thin Fit

Staff pick

Featuring a snap-on design similar to the Anccer case, Spigen's remarkable case Thin Fit is made out of scratch-resistant material, has open button cutouts, and works with magnetic car mounts. Definitely one of the best thin cases you can buy!

$11 at Amazon
Anccer Colorful Series Note 10+

All the colors: Anccer Colorful Series

Phone after phone, one thin case that stands out above everything else is the Anccer Colorful Series. This snap-on style case fits the Note 10+ like a glove, offers ample daily protection, and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. Not to mention, it has a price that's hard to beat.

$12 at Amazon
Spigen Liguid Air Armor Note 10+

Military-grade protection: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Despite being one of the thinnest cases in Spigen's lineup, the Liquid Air Armor still manages to offer a surprising level of durability in such a slim profile. It has military-grade protection, shock protection, and is form-fitted with precise button covers and port cutouts.

ESR Essential Zero for Note 10+

A clear choice: ESR Essential Zero

Clear cases are always a good choice, especially with a phone that looks as good as the Note 10. The ESR Essential Zero provides the Note 10+ with reliable protection for day-to-day use while still allowing you to see its natural beauty at all times. It's also thin, lightweight, and affordable.

$11 at Amazon
TOZO Silicone Gel Case Note 10+

Make a statement: TOZO Silicone Gel Case

If you want a thin case that'll help your Note 10+ really stand out from the crowd, you can't go wrong with the TOZO Silicone Gel Case. Available in black, blue, and this excellent red color, this case features a grippy, lightweight, and durable silicone gel material with 360-degree protection.

$9 at Amazon
Encased Thin Armor Note 10+

Rugged and bulk-free: Encased Thin Armor

Another great thin option for the Note 10+ is the Encased Thin Armor. The design is excellent with a two-tone style on the back, with the majority of the back featuring a unique pattern. The case is drop and scratch-resistant, button covers are precise, and the overall package is incredibly slim.

If we're making some suggestions

Galaxy Note 10+Source: Android Central

Since the phone has been out for a while now, you can find a lot of great cases for the Note 10+. While you can't go wrong with any of the cases on this list, the one we'd recommend to most people are the Anccer Colorful Series, which comes in many different hues, and Spigen's excellent Thin Fit, too.

This reliable case gets points for its super thin and lightweight design, ease-of-use, and robust protection. On top of that, we love being able to choose from a large selection of colors to ensure you find something that works for you and your style.

Another good pick is Spigen's Liquid Air Armor. While not as flashy as Anccer's case, this option from Spigen is excellent if you find yourself wanting military-grade protection in a slim profile. Plus, that geometric pattern on the back is pretty sleek.

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