Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Moto Z Droid

The most important part of any phone nowadays is its screen, so you'll want to protect it with a high-quality screen protector. The best material for screen protectors is tempered glass, which won't shatter into sharp, scratchy shards if it happens to break.

To protect your Moto Z Droid's screen, check out these awesome tempered glass screen protectors.


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This two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors is cut to perfectly fit your Moto Z Droid's screen. It does have curved edges, so no screen protector will cover it completely, but they will protect the bulk of the screen from scratches.

Supershieldz promises a bubble-free adhesive to make for a smooth and easy installation process, and its screen protectors are crystal clear, so you won't have any trouble seeing your screen or using all of its touch features to their full potential. Supershieldz are also covered in a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, made to repel water and the oil from hands, so you won't have to constantly wipe your phone on your shirt.

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Dmax Armor

Dmax Armor is another high-quality tempered glass screen protector brand that offers clear protectors that are fingerprint- and scratch-resistant. They're easy to install, and Dmax Armor promises a bubble-free protector. In the box, you get a dust remover, screen wipe, and a lint-free dry cloth to make sure that you get your screen protector on cleanly with not bumps.

Dmax Armor a lifetime warranty, so if you notice any defects or anything, let Dmax know, and you'll receive a replacement. The screen also has a hydrophobic coating, so water will just bead off. This is a two-pack for around $7, which is an awesome value.

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Omoton's $5 two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors almost can't be beat. Just like most protectors, you get a laser-cut piece of tempered glass that's made to fit your Moto Z Droid's screen (aside from the curved edges), and it also repels water and fingerprints, thanks to its hydrophobic and oleophobic coating.

Omoton's screen protectors are scratch-resistant, so if you have your Moto Z Droid in your pocket with some keys, you won't pull out a phone that looks like a scratching post.

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Spigen, purveyor of fine phone cases, also makes some dynamite tempered glass screen protectors. This is another two-pack that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that Spigen fully backs its products.

Like all great tempered glass screen protectors, Spigen's come with rounded edges to prevent chipping, and the space that's left because of the curved edges means that these protectors are compatible with an awesome Moto Z Droid case.

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