Best Thin Cases for Galaxy S10+ Android Central 2022

Not everyone wants a tank of a case like an OtterBox, but if you're going to spend a grand on a Samsung Galaxy S10+, you need at least some kind of case on it. Slim cases can offer some drop protection as well as grip and a guard against everyday scuffs, scrapes, and smudges. These are the slim cases we love the most.

Totallee Ultra Thin for Galaxy S10+

As this as it gets: Totallee Ultra Thin

Staff Pick

The S10+ is a lot of phone to handle, so I can "totallee" understand wanting a case that doesn't add any more bulk to the party. Totallee's Ultra Thin case is the case for people who hate cases — it's as thin as can be with grip and grace.

$35 at Amazon
Anccer Ultra Thin Fit

Thin hard-candy coating: anccer Ultra Thin Fit

Hard-shell snap-on cases like anccer's Ultra Thin Fit may not give your S10+ much in the way of drop protection, but it does add grip and protect that back glass from scuffs and smudges. It's available in five colors and two finish styles — Smooth and Gravel.

$13 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Crystal Air

Clear as crystal: Spigen Liquid Crystal Air

The Liquid Crystal line is my favorite clear case series, and the Crystal Air is the thinnest of the already slim lineup for the S10+. This lithe clear case adds grip and scuff protection while hiding smudges and scuffs from the world in its slim silicone skin.

$10 at Amazon
i-Blason Cosmo Lite Case

Slim styling goals: i-Blason Cosmo Lite

Who said thin cases had to look boring? i-Blason did not get the memo. This case sports a stylishly modern geometric pattern with swirled marble pieces set in a golden lattice while remaining thin and fabulously protective.

$15 at Amazon
iCarer Folio Flip Cover

Lithe leather: icarercase Leather Folio Flip Cover

This premium genuine leather folio case provides the Galaxy S10+ with plenty of protection in a professional-looking covering. It's slim, lightweight, and is made of cowhide leather. You can get it in either black or brown.

From $27 at Amazon
Olixar Breathable Case

Be cool, man: Olixar Breathable Case

This case's mesh design helps prevent your S10+ from overheating during long strenuous activities like pwning the noobs in Fortnite or playing two hours of HeadsUp while charging your phone in line for Space Mountain. It's available in four colors.

$10 at Amazon
ESR Essential Crown Case

Thin pop of color: ESR Essential Crown

This thin TPU case features fantastic metallic accents to the bumper, hiding the unsightly corners and port cuttings of this otherwise crystal clear case with bold Green, Blue, Black, or Purple to compliment your S10+'s natural colors.

$9 at Amazon
ArmadilloTek Urban Ranger case for Galaxy S10+

Slim but rugged: ArmadilloTek Urban Ranger

ArmadilloTek's typical cases are heavy-duty hybrids, but the Urban Ranger is downright slim with its single-layer TPU construction. This rugged case with a rock-bottom price is exclusive to the S10+ and available in five cool shades, including maroon, navy, and green.

$12 at Amazon
Asmart Clear Crystal Case

Clear, compact, and cheap: Asmart Clear Crystal Case

Asmart's clear case is hard to beat with its low price and thin, understated look that shows off the S10+'s beauty while guarding it against scratches and slips. This thin TPU case offers some drop protection as well, but most of that is in the added grip to prevent drops.

$8 at Amazon

Thin, protective, and beautiful

Thin cases are the ones I most often use, and while my coworkers here at AC swear by the Totallee Ultra Thin, the Spigen Liquid Crystal series remains my favorite clear case and thin case series. Whether you go with the classic clear or the shimmery Glitter variant, you just can't go wrong with a Liquid Crystal case's grip and shine.

That said, not all thin cases are clear cases, and if you prefer something a little more solid, try the expert blend of pattern and protection on the i-Blason Cosmo Lite. I don't know if it's the name or the colors, but it makes me wanna call over the bartender and order another round.

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