Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors Android Central 2021

Although there's an all-new PET film and IPX8 water resistance on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, you can never be too careful. Samsung even upgraded the Cover Screen, bringing its 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. So if you want to make sure both displays are protected forever, we've rounded up the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors.

Whitestone Dome Silk Galaxy Z Fold

The ultimate option: Whitestone Dome Silk for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

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Unlike the other screen protectors on this list, Whitestone's Dome Silk protector for Galaxy Z Fold 3 is actually made from ultra-thin glass, not plastic, which makes it much more scratch resistant. In fact, Whitestone tests each one by folding it up to 50,000 times. It fits on top of the Z Fold 3's display adding extra protection while preventing fingerprints and smudges, and ensuring your finger or S Pen works like there's no screen protector at all.

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Olixar Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protectors

No compromises: Olixar Screen Protector (2-pack)

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This two-pack of screen protectors from Olixar offers great protection for the inner display of your Galaxy Z Fold 3. There's an oleophobic coating along with anti-scratch protection to ensure that your screen won't get all mucked up. Plus, Olixar ensures that you'll still be able to use the Z Fold 3 as you would expect, thanks to the ultra-thin design.

$25 at Amazon
Ferilinso Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protectors

Front and main: Ferilinso Flexible TPU Screen Protector (4-pack)

With this four-pack of screen protectors from Ferilinso, you'll not only be able to keep the main screen from scratches, but this includes screen protectors for the Cover Screen. Plus, you'll always have a backup handy as the company provides two protectors for the main display and two more for the cover screen. Ferilinso also includes an installation kit so that you line everything up perfectly.

$18 at Amazon
Orzero Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protectors

Lifetime replacement: Orzero Soft TPU Screen Protector (4-pack)

If you are worried about bubbles popping up when adding a screen protector to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Orzero has you covered. This four-pack of screen protectors covers both displays while ensuring a bubble-free installation. Orzero even offers a lifetime replacement, so you'll be covered for as long as you own the Z Fold 3.

$14 at Amazon
LYWHL Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protectors

Full protection: LYWHL Full Coverage Anti-Scratch Screen Protector (4-pack)

When it comes to protection, there's a lot more that goes into consideration than just the screen. And that's where this set of four protectors comes in from LYWHL, as you can cover not just the two displays, but you can also protect the back glass and the hinge.

$19 at Amazon
Cemboo Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protectors

Case friendly: Cemboo Soft Film Screen Protector (6-pack)

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is already a chunky beast, but it's still a bit slimmer and lighter than last year's model. Nevertheless, you're likely going to want to use a case in conjunction with a screen protector. Cemboo's 6-pack covers the two displays while being case friendly, sporting an oleophobic coating, and providing you with additional backups for each screen.

$15 at Amazon
Ermorgen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protectors

Edge-to-edge: Ermorgen High Definition Screen Protector (6-pack)

Forget worrying about a screen protector affecting the beauty offered by the Galaxy Z Fold 3s two displays. Instead, this six-pack of screen protectors from Ermorgen ensures crystal-clear quality while providing a backup for both displays, along with protectors for the hinge and back glass.

$17 at Amazon

These are the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors

Olixar takes the top spot as the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protector because the company has been making accessories for years. But also because this set of two screen protectors will prevent finger smudges while protecting the big and vibrant main display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The installation process is as easy as pie, and you won't have to worry about the screen protector affecting the display sensitivity.

If you've already grabbed one of the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases, you might be a bit concerned about pairing it with a compatible screen protector. That's where the Ferilinso Screen Protector set comes, as you get two case-friendly screen protectors for the Cover Screen, along with two more for the big screen. These screen protectors are made from a flexible TPU material, ensuring proper flexibility and even more protection.

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