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Though it's equipped with a solid metal frame, the best Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite cases will help protect your new, compact tablet and its shiny 8.7-inch LCD from any mishaps. After all, life happens. Like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, this latest lighter model could quickly join the ranks of some of the other best cheap Android tablets. These are the best cases to keep your tablet looking new and convenient to use.

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Book Cover

Perfect match: Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Book Cover

Staff Pick

There's no greater match for your new Galaxy Tab A7 Lite than Samsung's official book cover. This slim case will fit like a glove. It's offered in both gray and silver like the tablet itself, and it's guaranteed to look as good as it feels. And when you want to watch a video or a show, you can quickly prop the tablet up thanks to a flexible hinge.

OtterBox Defender Series Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Best defense: OtterBox Defender Series Case

You can count on OtterBox to provide your new tablet with multi-layer defense, including an inner shell, outer slipcover, built-in screen protector, and port covers. Though the case is heavy-duty, slightly clunky, and expensive, it's the best defense against any sudden drops and, thankfully, comes with a versatile stand.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Transparent Cover

Clear as day: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Back Cover (Transparent)

For fans of ultimate transparency, this clear cover for your Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a great choice. It features a reinforced design with corner air pockets as well as inner shock protection. The back cover shows off the tablet while still protecting it from scratches, drops, and any damage.

$25 at B&H
Infiland Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case

Budget pick: INFILAND Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case

This case is made from a soft TPU flexible material, and will protect your tablet from any unwanted impact. Luckily, it's also easy to remove when you don't need it. It includes a viewing stand for when you're busy reading, typing, or watching a video, as well as precise cutouts and an ergonomic groove for easy holding.

$9 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Air Folio Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case

Work from home: Spigen Liquid Air Folio

The Spigen Liquid Air Folio Case is a lightweight case that's perfect for a work-from-home environment. It includes open cutouts for easy access to buttons, screen protection with a full front cover, and a magnetic closure to ensure the case stays shut. As with other folio cases, you can use the cover as a stand.

Galaxytaba7lite Turtleskin Case

Original skin: Poetic Turtleskin Heavy Duty Case

The Poetic Turtleskin Heavy Duty Case is made from a thick silicone material with a splash-proof protective coating and is built to withstand extreme shock and impact. It has a unique turtle shell design and tactile side grips that make holding onto your tablet comfortable, and there are even air vents inside to keep your device cool.

Dadanism Case Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite

Multicolored: Dadanism Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Sometimes we need some vibrancy in our lives, and this case lets you express yourself with three multicolored choices. The Dandanism case is made from PU leather and has soft microfiber lining, which will keep your tablet free from injury. There's also a magnetic closure to keep everything secure. This tri-fold shell also lets you set up multiple viewing angles while looking stylish when you're not using it.

$12 at Amazon
Ivso Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite Case

Waterproof: IVSO Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Though this case may not be the most original, it'll do a good job keeping your tablet's surface protected while giving you the choice between a few colors. It's slim, lightweight, and won't hang onto grease and fingerprint marks. The cover is also waterproof, which is extremely useful if someone knocks a glass of water onto your new tablet.

$9 at Amazon
Uag Scout Series Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case

Premium construction: UAG Scout Series Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with Handstrap Case

The UAG Scout Series is made to last and is constructed from antimicrobial non-slip TPU. It manages to achieve a slim, minimalist design while still providing the best protection against impact. Gripping your tablet with this case is easy, and there's even a hand strap and stand for extra convenience.

Soke Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case

Traditional defense: Soke Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case

The Soke Galaxy Tab A7 Lite looks and feels great. It includes a magnetic closure to keep your screen from getting scratched or dirty and has a stand for dual viewing angles. Because this case's back shell is made from a hard TPU material with four reinforced corners, accidentally dropping your tablet won't be the end of the world.

$17 at Amazon
Spigen Rugged Armor Case Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

All black: Spigen Rugged Armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor has a unique design with carbon fiber detailing against an all-matte black finish. It looks trendy, but it's also effective against drops. Air Cushion Technology allows for optimum shock absorption, and all sides are reinforced with non-slip grooves to keep your tablet safely in your hands.

What's the best Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite case for me?

Getting a case for your new tablet is always an excellent idea, especially since a tablet is a device that typically moves around with you. It's also often around food or drinks and might even be used by multiple people, and it can definitely be accidentally dropped on the floor. To protect it from spills, scratches, and any damage, there are many great cases to consider for your tablet. The best Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite case for you depends on the purpose you want your case to serve, as well as what you like aesthetically.

If you want a case made for the tablet, you won't be disappointed with the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Book Cover case. It comes in both gray and silver, like the tablet, and will fit and match perfectly. If protection is your main concern, but you don't want to spend a fortune on the OtterBox or UAG case, then the Poetic Turtleskin Heavy Duty Case is a pretty cool-looking runner-up. But if you prefer a case that'll look nice on your work-from-home desk, then why not opt for something more colorful and bright like the Dadanism Case? The choice is yours.

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