Best Replacement Straps for TicWatch Pro Android Central 2019

The TicWatch Pro is one hell of a product, but like most watches, the straps can get worn from time to time. It's a natural occurrence, but that doesn't stop it from being annoying. Fortunately, these straps can be replaced. Finding the right one for you may vary, but the best straps out there are one, adjustable, and two, made of the right material that won't leave you writing an angry review two weeks later after it's fallen to pieces.

For multiple devices: Aimtel Ticwatch Pro Compatible Leather Strap

The Aimtel leather strap is a great replacement for when your old TicWatch Pro strap goes bust. The leather is comfortable, and the strap itself is suitable for wrist sizes of 5.6 inches to 7.87 inches — meaning that you're able to adjust the length of the strap to your liking. Even better, if you have other watches (such as the Galaxy Watch or the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier), this strap will fit with them as well.

$15 at Amazon

Fashionable for personal and business: ViCRiOR Black Steel Ticwatch Pro Band Strap

This fashionable strap (suited for both personal use, as well as business) is made from stainless steel material that is linked together to make installation with your TicWatch Pro easier. It also comes with a double button butterfly clasp — ideal for making sure your device won't be falling off your wrist anytime soon. Of course, you can adjust the strap to fit your wrist to help with that particular problem.

$14 at Amazon

Best for people on the go: Lamshaw Silicone Ticwatch Pro Sports Band

For a more sporty look, there is the Lamshaw Silicone Sports Band for your TicWatch Pro. The straps have ventilation holes punched in, allowing you to get some air to your wrist even if you're on the move, as well as making it sweatproof. The strap comes in a number of colors, and are completely adjustable, with the silicone being comfortable without wearing on your wrist.

$12 at Amazon

High levels of comfort detected: Lamshaw Blue and Red Nylon Ticwatch Pro Strap

This Nylon strap is soft, fine, but made of thick material that makes it comfortable to wear as well as durable against everyday wear-and-tear. It comes with stainless steel connectors, making the experience of you connecting your TicWatch Pro a simple one. Furthermore, if you want to remove your TicWatch Pro, then the use of only one button makes the removal process quick and painless.

$12 at Amazon

What a looker: Koreda Stainless Steel Metal Ticwatch Pro Strap

The Koreda is made up of a stainless steel mesh, coming with an adjustable Milanese loop that makes day-to-day wear comfortable and easy. The Koreda also comes in a few different colors, such as pure black, rose gold, and silver. It will fit wrists of 4.92 inches to 8.5 inches, and it has a strong, magnetic clasp that will make putting it on simple.

$19 at Amazon

High quality steel: Logity Steel Ticwatch Pro Band Strap

This Logity replacement strap has been specifically made for your TicWatch Pro. With its long length, the size of the straps is completely adjustable for you to change in whatever way works best. The 1.5-millimeter mesh interwoven into the steel helps in making the straps breathable, so that in humid weather conditions, your wrist remains comfortable. It's also simple to dismantle with a quick-release installed into the design.

$16 at Amazon

Straps that will look good, help your wrist breathe and are easy to attach to your TicWatch Pro are necessary for you to be stress-free. Which is why we the ViCRiOR Black Steel Ticwatch Pro Band Strap has to be a favorite for us.

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