Best portable chargers for Samsung Galaxy S20 in 2022

The Galaxy S20 has quite a big battery, but with a 120Hz screen and 5G radios inside, you never know when your day will go into overtime, and you'll need to reach for a great portable charger to keep your Galaxy S20 alive. Or, y'know, you need a power bank on the way to work because you forgot to throw it on the charger last night the way I did. Never fear, power banks are here, and they can charge our S20s in many different ways.

The best Galaxy S20 portable chargers let you charge multiple ways

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There's a couple of ways you can charge your S20, but the most important things to look for will be Power Delivery (PD) and Qualcomm QuickCharge (QC). While Samsung supports Power Delivery, the S20 actually only charges around 15 to 18W with most PD chargers, and most QC ports aren't rated higher than 18W on a power bank, anyway. Why the lower speeds with USB-C? Samsung's "Super Fast Charging" profile is built upon Power Delivery, but more specifically, a sub-certification called Programmable Power Supply (PPS), which is used to change the speed dynamically and charge more efficiently for less heat buildup. PPS is cool, but there are very few power banks that support it, and those that do — the Samsung 25W and Elecjet 45W power banks — tend to charge a premium for it. Unless you've got the S20 Ultra, you're probably better off sticking to standard 18W PD chargers and focusing on portability and affordability.

What does this mean? Charge with whatever standard and cable you have on hand; they're both going to charge your S20 at a good speed, even if it might not be the 25W you'd get with the Samsung wall charger. The UGREEN 10,000mAh Portable Charger is our favorite compact portable charger because that candy-bar form factor makes it easy to carry in your pocket next to your S20, and it's got 20W wired charging for any iPhone user in your household. Another great option is the phone-sized Baseus 22.5W Power Bank, which has the benefit of being affordable while still offering plenty of ports and power.

Of course, you'll also need a fast USB-C charger to recharge your power bank promptly once you get home, too. Your power bank does you no good if it dies, too.

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