Best OnePlus Nord Screen Protectors Android Central 2021

The best OnePlus Nord screen protectors are as durable, smooth, and sensitive as the native glass, while adding an extra layer of impact protection and insurance against nicks, deformations, and scuffs. The OnePlus Nord is the first OnePlus in almost two years to not have a curved screen, meaning we have less to worry about when it comes to finding screen protectors that fit. These are the best of the bunch so far.

OnePlus Nord 3d Tempered Glass Screen Protector

First-party fit: OnePlus Nord 3D Tempered Glass

Staff pick

You'll pay more for OnePlus's tempered glass screen protector, but you can be absolutely certain of the fit and finish here. Just be careful during your application because of the thin border around the camera.

£18 at OnePlus
Supershieldz OnePlus Nord Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Easy application: Supershieldz Tempered Glass (2-Pack)

This dual-pack from Supershieldz has one of the best installation methods around, using a pocketbook style to let you line things up. Then all you have to do is peel off the plastic and plop it perfectly into place.

$7 at Amazon
Mrshield For OnePlus Nord Tempered Glass

Case-friendly: Mr.Shield Tempered Glass (3-Pack)

This multi-pack isn't quite as edge-to-edge, which means that it'll play nice with a wider variety of cases. Since it goes over the selfie cameras, you don't have to fret over perfect placement.

$7 at Amazon
Uniqueme Screen Protector OnePlus Nord

Camera clear: UniqueMe Tempered Glass (3-Pack)

Like OnePlus's screen protector, the UniqueMe tempered glass has a cutout so that there's no chance of obscuring your selfie cameras. Resistant to scratches, smudges, and shatters, this should protect your Nord well.

$8 at Amazon
Foluu OnePlus Nord Tempered Glass

Bye bye bubbles: Foluu Tempered Glass (2-Pack)

This scratch-resistant screen protector has a black border around the outer edges, like OnePlus's, and it should be every bit as responsive as the native glass while protecting it from shatters and smudges.

$11 at Amazon
Supershieldz Oneplus Nord Screen Protector Films

Go slim and sleek: Supershieldz Anti Fingerprint Shield (6-Pack)

If you're not a fan of glass screen protectors, Supershieldz also makes a multi-pack of film protectors so that you can get some scratch protection without the added bulk or sensitivity loss of glass.

$6 at Amazon

Why the Best OnePlus Nord screen protectors are made of tempered glass

Screen protectors come in two flavors: thinner film protectors that are cheaper and only offer scratch protection, and thicker tempered glass screen protectors that will hopefully shatter in a big fall while leaving the Nord's actual glass intact. The official OnePlus Nord 3D Tempered Glass has the best fit and finish because, after all, OnePlus puts a lot of care into its accessories. The only downside of their protector is the black border around the camera module, which can help it look like the native glass when lined up just perfectly, but can stick out if you're even a little off.

If you want a screen protector that doesn't have the black borders, go with the Supershieldz Tempered Glass. The pocketbook installation is so easy my mom can do it all on her own with no help. These tempered glass protectors have done their duty and saved phones from drops off ladders and pebbles thrown by weed-whackers. You might need to swap to the second film when something happens, but at least you won't be looking for a phone repair shop to replace the front glass of your phone.

Of course, the protection of your OnePlus Nord isn't complete until you grab yourself an excellent case to protect the back glass as well.

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