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The OnePlus Nord N10 is now making its way into the hands of the masses, and that means you're going to want to get the best OnePlus Nord N10 screen protectors. The Nord N10 has instantly become a contender for one of the best cheap Android phones, and if you got one, you likely already grabbed one of the best Nord N10 cases. So be sure to finish the ensemble to keep the Nord N10 running for as long as possible.

LK OnePlus Nord N10 Screens Render

Best value: LK Tempered Glass (6-pack)

Staff Pick

Installing a new screen protector on your smartphone can be a frustrating proposition, and LK aims to alleviate those frustrations. Along with including three screen protectors for the front display and three for the rear camera module, there's an instructional video that shows you exactly how to install them with ease.

$11 at Amazon
Mr. Shield OnePlus Nord N10 Screens Render

Lifetime warranty: Mr. Shield Tempered Glass (3-pack)

With some tempered glass screen protectors, you'll have to worry about the "rainbow effect," which can make it frustrating to use your phone. That's not a concern with the Mr. Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector, thanks to its high-grade components, which improve viewing clarity.

$6 at Amazon
Orzero OnePlus Nord N10 Screens Render

Original touch experience: Orzero Tempered Glass (3-pack)

The Orzero tempered glass screen protector sets itself apart from the rest by being the thinnest option. Coming in at just 0.26mm, you'll barely even notice it's there protecting your new OnePlus Nord N10.

$8 at Amazon
WRJ OnePlus Nord N10 Screens Render

No bubbles: WRJ Tempered Glass (3-pack)

Some may want to use a screen protector to help avoid dealing with fingerprints and smudges on the display. With the WRJ Tempered Glass Screen Protector, you won't have to worry about those annoying fingerprints again, thanks to the dual oleophobic and hydrophobic coating.

$10 at Amazon
PULEN OnePlus Nord N10 Screens Render

Protect all the glass: PULEN Tempered Glass (5-pack)

PULEN's standard Tempered Glass screen protectors give you everything you would want with scratch resistance and HD clarity. There's even a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on the protector to prevent fingerprints and smudges from getting on your screen. Plus, PULEN includes three screen protectors for the main display, along with two more to protect the rear camera module.

$10 at Amazon
AISELAN Privacy Screen Protector Nord N10 Render

Keep it private: AISELAN Privacy Screen Protector (2-pack)

Who likes it when someone is looking over your shoulder while you're using your phone? With the AISELAN Privacy Screen, you won't have to worry about prying eyes, and since this is made with tempered glass, you'll get maximum protection. Plus, there are two screen protectors in the pack, so you always have a backup.

$12 at Amazon
Spectre Shield Nord N10 Screen Protector

Using film: Spectre Shield TPU Film Screen Protector (2-pack)

Film screen protectors aren't as impact-resistant as tempered glass, but they're easier to apply and tend to play nicer with cases. The Spectre Shield is compatible with most cases, so you won't have to worry about the edges peeling up just because you put a case on your phone. There are also two screen protectors included if you need to replace the first one.

$7 at Amazon
Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector Nord N10 Render

Lifetime protection: Supershieldz Anti-scratch Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-pack)

This three-pack of Supersheieldz Glass Screen Protectors offers 99.99% clarity without affecting the touch feedback of the Nord N10. Plus, Supershieldz offers a "no-hassle" lifetime replacement warranty, so you can easily get a new one after the others have met their maker.

Strug Case Screen Protector Nord N10 Render

Get a case: Strug Shockproof Case with Screen Protector

Getting a screen protector is just one piece of the puzzle, but with the Strug Shockproof Case, you'll get the complete package. This case features a dual-layer design to keep your Nord N10 protected from drops, but the company also includes two tempered glass screen protectors. There's even a rotating ring on the back, so you won't have to worry about finding a PopSocket.

$11 at Amazon

Protect the glass with the best OnePlus Nord N10 screen protectors

There's no right answer for picking the best screen protector, but our favorite for the OnePlus Nord N10 is the LK Tempered Glass (6-pack). This kit includes a total of six protectors to make use of, with three available for the primary display, along with three more for the rear camera module. Plus, the case-friendly design ensures that you won't have to worry about a case messing up your screen protector after it's been installed.

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If you have plans to keep your OnePlus Nord N10 for the next few years, chances are you will probably run out of screen protectors. Stuff happens, and we have a tendency to drop our phones accidentally, but instead of just buying a bunch of screen protectors, take advantage of the Mr. Shield screen protectors. The company includes three tempered glass screen protectors in the box, along with an installation kit. But the biggest benefit to this set is the lifetime warranty provided if something happens to your screen protectors.

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