Best OnePlus 9 Pro Screen Protectors Android Central 2021

So you are getting the new OnePlus 9 Pro and want to be sure to have the best OnePlus 9 Pro screen protector — I don't blame you. Screen protectors are an excellent choice to pair up with the best OnePlus 9 Pro cases, too. It is a beautiful-looking phone, and keeping that gorgeous display in pristine condition is just as important as protecting the rest of the device. Here are the best screen protectors to make sure your new phone's screen continues to look amazing.

Qitayo Screen Camera Protector Oneplus 9 Pro

Perfect protection: QITAYO Tempered Galss Screen and Camera Protector

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With its 9H level of hardness and anti-fingerprint coating, this two-pack of glass screen protectors from QITAYO will help to save your screen from damage as well as smudges. There are also get two camera lens protectors for extra protection.

$13 at Amazon
Skinomi Cleartechskin Oneplus 9 Pro

Like a second skin: Skinomi Clear TechSkin TPU

Made from a self-healing, military-grade material, this two-pack of TPU screen protector offers excellent for your screen with protection from scratches and other damage. It offers bubble-free installation and a lifetime warranty as well.

$8 at Amazon
Galss M Glass Screen Protector Oneplus 9 Pro

Take two: GLASS-M Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This two-pack of tempered glass screen protector is designed to look and feel just like the display it's protecting. Made from ultra-thin glass, it has been hardened to ensure it offers excellent protection for your OnePlus 9 Pro's display.

$10 at Amazon
Omoton Screen Protector Oneplus 9 Pro

Oh so thin: OMOTON Flexible Screen Protector

At only .1mm thin, the OMOTON TPU flexible screen protectors bring an exceptional level of protection to your OnePlus 9 Pro's display. You get four screen protectors, along with installation tools to ensure it goes on perfect every time.

$9 at Amazon
Surbuid Glass Screen Protector Oneplus 9 Pro

Got it covered: SURBUID Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Lens Protector

Featuring ultra-clear tempered glass for both the display and camera lens, this two-pack from SURBUID is a win. It ensures that not only is your OnePlus 9 Pro protected from mishaps, but that viewing the screen and photos stay crystal clear.

$9 at Amazon
Supershieldz Screen Protector Oneplus 9 Pro

Shielded from damage: Supershieldz TPU Screen Protector

Made from a triple-layer process, this two-pack of TPU screen protection films from Supershieldz brings high-definition levels of damage resistance to your OnePlus 9 Pro's display. The high-touch sensitivity maintains the smooth display reaction you expect from your device.

$7 at Amazon

Pristine protection

The OnePlus 9 Pro is the brand's most ambitious device to date. With ultra-fast performance coupled with a phenomenal camera system, this is a smartphone that deserves only the best when it comes to protection.

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To keep the display's feel and responsiveness as close to out-of-the-box as possible, the best way to do that is with the tempered glass screen protectors from QITAYO. With its anti-smudge coating, the smooth glass keeps the 120Hz display looking brilliant, and because it uses glass rated at 9H hardness — you know your screen will stay safe. Not to mention you'll be able to keep the cameras clear for excellent photos by guarding them with the included protectors.

If glass isn't your thing, then using a self-healing TPU film to protect your OnePlus 9 Pro's display is the way to go — and SKINOMI is perfect for that. The anti-bubble installation process helps ensure that your screen stays crystal clear, and the durable self-healing material saves it from scratches.

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