Best Nest Hello covers and wall plates 2022

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Nest Hello hero (Image credit: Android Central)

The Nest Hello doorbell, one of the best Ring video doorbell alternatives, is your window to the outside world (you know, aside from the actual windows on your home). That means it's actually outside all the time. It's a good idea to protect it or, at the very least, cover it so that it won't get weather-worn and scuffed. These are the best Nest Hello covers and wall plates for the popular video doorbell.

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The Nest Hello is by no means ugly, but covering it up isn't just about hiding it. You can also protect it from the elements. When it comes to the best Nest Hello covers, Elago's cases are the best option on this list because they offer durable protection, come in some lovely colors, and are rather inexpensive. Elago's covers are also well-rated, and their products, in general, are well-rated all over Amazon, which indicates that its products are high-quality and well-liked.

If you want a better field-of-view or at least more viewing options, the POPMAS Adjustable Angle Mount is your best option. That 60 degrees makes all the difference if you don't have an optimal spot to place your doorbell. This mount also installs fairly easily, and it has enough space to make wire placement hassle-free.

For the ultimate protection in very sunny locales, you might want to opt for the kwmobile Protective Silicone Cover, which has a built-in sun shield to prevent sun glare so you get clearer footage.

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