Best Nest Hello Covers and Wall Plates Android Central 2021

The Nest Hello is your window to the outside (you know, aside from the actual windows on your home), and that means it's outside — all the time. It's a good idea to protect it or, at the very least, cover it so that it's not getting weather-worn and scuffed. These are the best covers and wall plates for your video doorbell.

Elago silicone Nest Hello case

Jazz it up: Elago Google Nest Hello Case

Staff pick

These silicone cases are UV-resistant and come in six colors to add a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise boring-looking device. Elago's cases will protect your doorbell from the elements, and it won't block the camera, microphone, or any other necessary components.

Elago wall plate for Nest Hello

On a pedestal: Elago Wall Plate

Elago's wall plates are a great backdrop to your Nest Hello. They come in four colors and are UV-resistant, double-coated for extra weather resistance, and they help to cover up any marks or holes behind your Nest Hello.

Kwmobile Protective Silicone Cover Google Nest Hello

Shield from the sun: kwmobile Protective Silicone Cover

Along with a durable skin that protects the camera from the elements, this one also has a built-in sun shield that helps to prevent glare from the sun. This, in turn, gives you clearer footage on sunny summer days.

$11 at Amazon
Wasserstein Protective Silicone Skin Google Nest Hello

Easy on and off: Wasserstein Protective Silicone Skin

These silicone skins can be put on and taken off easily using the easy slip-on mechanism. Available in four color options, including beige, the UV- and water-resistant silicone can withstand all kinds of inclement weather.

Popmas Angle Mount Google Nest Hello

Left to right: POPMAS Adjustable Angle Mount

With a total of 120 degrees of rotation, including 60 degrees either left or right, you can get the perfect view from your Nest Hello camera. Made of sturdy and durable metal, the wall plate also comes with an easy installation kit and detailed installation instructions.

$18 at Amazon
Koroao wall mount for Nest Hello

Add some tilt: Koroao wall mount

If the only place you can put your Nest Hello is less than ideal or you want tilt functionality, this is the wall mount you want. It helps to prominently display your doorbell, having it sit out from the wall, with the ability to turn 35 degrees left and right. For a better field of view, grab this mount.

$14 at Amazon
Fintie silicone case for Nest Hello

Amazon's choice: Fintie Silicone Case

Fintie makes excellent silicone cases, for both phones and the Nest Hello. This cover is durable, has all the proper cutouts for the microphone and camera, and a little baseball-cap-style brim that should help to keep rain off the camera lens. Five colors are available.

Bottom line

The Google Nest Hello is by no means ugly, but covering it up is no harm either. Elago's cases are the best option on this list because they offer durable protection from the elements, come in some lovely colors, and are rather inexpensive. Elago's covers are also well-rated, and their products, in general, are well-rated all over Amazon, which indicates that its products are high-quality and well-liked.

If you want a better field-of-view or at least more viewing options, the POPMAS Adjustable Angle Mount is your best option. That 60 degrees makes all the difference if you don't have an optimal spot to place your doorbell. This mount also installs fairly easily, and it has enough space to make wire placement hassle-free.

For the ultimate protection in very sunny locales, you might want to opt for the kwmobile Protective Silicone Cover, which has a built-in sun shield to prevent sun glare so you get clearer footage.

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