Best Moto E6 Screen Protectors Android Central 2021

The Moto E6 is available for everyone and it offers another great budget option from Motorola. Although the phone falls in the budget category, you don't want to end up spending more money to replace it if the screen gets damaged. We have compiled a list of the best screen protectors for the Moto E6.

Sparin Moto E6 Screen Render

High-def protection: SPARIN Tempered Glass (4-pack)

Staff pick

SPARIN is becoming one of the go-to picks for those who want tempered glass screen protectors with offerings for many smartphones, including the Moto E6. These protectors come in a four-pack and are made from durable tempered glass while offering almost complete transparency.

$6 at Amazon
Supershieldz 6 Pack Moto E6 Render

No glass here: Supershieldz Clear Shield (6-pack)

Some folks don't like the feeling or thickness of a tempered glass screen protector. The Supershieldz Clear Shield offers the old-school PET screen protectors while providing six in the pack in the event that they need to be changed out.

$6 at Amazon
Lk Moto E6 Glass Protector Render

Guided installation: LK Screen Protector (3-pack)

Installing screen protectors is a frustrating business, and LK has decided to make your life a bit easier. This three-pack of screen protectors includes an easy installation tray so you can install your protector the right way, the first time.

$8 at Amazon
Uniqueme Case Friendly Moto E6 Render

Cover everything: UniqueMe Full Cover Protector

Some glass screen protectors just protect against potential damage, but the UniqueMe Protector also sports a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. This will protect against oil stains and remove any concerns over too many fingerprints.

$8 at Amazon
IVSO Protector Moto E6 Render

Bubble-free: IVSO Screen Protector (2-pack)

Getting a bubble under your screen protector, especially during installation, can cause you to pull your hair out. The IVSO Protector is ultra-thin at just 0.3mm and is bubble-free while also being case friendly.

$9 at Amazon
Supershieldz Privacy Moto E6 Render

Keep it private: Supershieldz Privacy Shield

It can be annoying to have someone over your shoulder reading things they shouldn't be. The Privacy Shield from Supershieldz will protect against that, while still offering the same sensitivity you should be used to.

$9 at Amazon
Mr Shield Moto E6 Protector Render

Lifetime warranty: Mr. Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors offer almost complete transparency and touch accuracy, so you won't see any distortion. Mr. Shield also offers a limited lifetime replacement warranty in the event that you run out and need new screen protectors.

$6 at Amazon
Bisen Privacy Moto E6 Render

No prying eyes: BISEN Fit Privacy Screen Protector

BISEN's Fit Privacy Screen Protector makes it so that nobody other than you can see what's on your phone. The angles adjust based on how you are holding the phone, and there is no loss in screen sensitivity due to the type of film being used.

$9 at Amazon
Sross Moto E6 Protector Render

No fingerprints or oils: Sross 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This two-pack of Sross 9H tempered glass screen protectors is sure to keep your E6 safe from possible disaster. There is both a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer to keep fingerprints and oils off of your E6 so that your screen always looks clean. In the box, you'll get two screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, and a dust remover for an easier installation process.

$7 at Amazon

Protect the screen at all cost

There are quite a few different options if you are looking for a good screen protector for the Moto E6. If you are a fan of tempered glass but want a few extras, the SPARIN Protector four-pack is great so you have plenty of extras in the event something bad happens.

However, there are others who don't like the thickness of tempered glass and just want a standard PET film protector. Supershieldz offers a six-pack of these screen protectors so that you will have plenty of extras, but don't have to deal with tempered glass or a frustrating installation process.

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