The best microSD card on the market just got its best deal ever

Samsung Note 10 with microSD memory card
Samsung Note 10 with microSD memory card (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

The best microSD card for Android — well, the best card for anything, really — is the 128GB Samsung EVO Select, and today you can get one with double the storage for the same price. Double your storage, double your offline library with the Samsung EVO Select 256GB while it's down to its lowest price ever in today's Black Friday deals at Amazon.

While there are other microSD cards out there that will see sales between now and Cyber Monday, why bother looking any further? Samsung's EVO Select has been the most popular and most-trusted microSD series for years, 256GB is enough to hold most digital libraries with ease, and it's the cost of a 128GB microSD card. Heck, most 128GB cards cost more than this, actually.

This is a U3 card with up to 90MB/s write speeds and up to 100MB/s read speeds, so it's adept enough for shooting 4K video, and it's big enough to record a lot of footage but most cameras and GoPros will still play nice for it, something you can't say once you go up to the 512GB rung of the storage ladder. I have an EVO Select that's still kicking after four years, so this card will outlive your phone and maybe the phone after that one.

Just buy it now, and have it ready for that new Black Friday phone deal you're grabbing this weekend, or that new dashcam, or save it for your kid's Chromebook when they fill up internal storage with games. MicroSD cards are super-adaptable, so it never hurts to have spares at the ready.

Ara Wagoner

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