Best microSD cards for Galaxy Note 9 in 2024

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a hefty amount of storage with the base model at 128GB, but if you want to get more with the 512GB variant, you need to cough up another $250. Granted, that version also comes with an extra 2GB of RAM, but that's still a lot more money on top of an already expensive phone. Thankfully, you don't have to splurge for more storage space. Instead, you can pick up a microSD card for a lot less money and still give yourself some more wiggle room. And we have put together a collection of the best Galaxy Note 9 microSD cards you can get.

Plenty of storage

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Buy the card that suits you best

Which is the best Galaxy Note 9 microSD card? That ultimately comes down to how you use your phone and how many local files you plan to load it up with. I'd recommend going with the Samsung EVO Select 128GB as it doubles the storage on your Note 9 for just $20.

If you know that still won't be enough space for all of your movies, games, apps, etc., both the Samsung EVO Plus 256GB and SanDiskUltra 400GB offer considerably more space while still being relatively affordable considering what they bring to the table.

On the complete opposite end of things, there's the SanDisk Ultra 32GB. It's a modest bump up to storage that'll give you a fair amount more wiggle room, and for people that don't need a lot of extra space, it's a good fit. The best part? You can get a two-pack for a pretty reasonable price, keeping one for a spare or using one to store business content and one for personal photos and other files.

There are plenty of great microSD cards for Android devices, and any of these would be good choices for the Note 9. 

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