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The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a hefty amount of storage with the base model at 128GB, but if you want to get more with the 512GB variant, you need to cough up another $250. Granted, that version also comes with an extra 2GB of RAM, but that's still a lot more money on top of an already expensive phone. Thankfully, you don't have to splurge for more storage space. Instead, you can pick up a microSD card for a lot less money and still give yourself some more wiggle room. And we have put together a collection of the best Galaxy Note 9 microSD cards you can get.

Samsung EVO Select 128GB microSD card

All-rounder: SAMSUNG: EVO Select 128GB MicroSDXC

Staff Pick

For not too much money, you can get Samsung's 128GB EVO Select microSD card and bring your total available storage up to an impressive 256GB. Read and write speeds are rated at 100MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively, and the card's rated to perform in temperatures ranging from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

$19 at Amazon
SanDisk Extreme

Reliability you can count on: SanDisk 128GB Extreme MicroSDXC

SanDisk's Extreme series has been the go-to microSD recommendation for several years, and for good reason. The card offers up to 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds and is temperature-proof, water-proof, shock-proof, and X-ray proof.

Sandisk Ultra Microsd 2 Pack

Good for a spare: SanDisk Ultra 32GB - 2 Pack

Just need a little extra space? This card meets UHS-U1 Class 10 standards to ensure fast performance, read speeds reach up to 98MB/s, and the included adapter allows you to use this in a full-size SD card slot. If you don't plan on storing a lot of local files, this is a great buy. And you get two so you can keep one as a spare.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD cards

Easy on the wallet: SanDisk 64GB Ultra MicroSDXC

For a few more dollars, you can step up to the SanDisk Ultra 64GB card. Along with the added space, read speeds are also a bit faster at 100MB/s. SanDisk also includes a regular SD adapter, and just to be safe, you've got ratings for waterproofing, shock-proofing, and temperature-proofing.

$15 at Amazon
Samsung EVO Plus 256GB MicroSD

Great for lots of pictures: Samsung 256GB EVO Plus Class

If you have a bit more cash to burn through, you can step your game up to the Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 microSD card with a whopping 256GB of space. On top of all that storage, you also get waterproofing, temperature protection, and ultra-fast read/write speeds; plus, it ships with an SD adapter.

$40 at Amazon
SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSD

Delightfully overkill: SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC

Need an insane amount of storage? You can go all the way for SanDisk's 400GB microSD card — bringing your 128GB Note 9 up to a monstrous 528GB of available space! There's a 100MB/s max read speed, 10MB/s minimum write speed, waterproofing, protection against intense temperatures, and more.

$50 at Amazon
PNY Elite 512GB MicroSD

Most you can get: PNY Elite 512GB MicroSDXC Card

We don't know who needs a 512GB microSD card, but if you feel compelled to purchase one, PNY's got you covered. This ludicrous amount of space holds up to 100,000 18MP pictures and features 90MB/s speeds. It's easily the most expensive card on the list, but you can rest easy knowing you'll never run out of space.

$87 at Amazon

Buy the card that suits you best

Which is the best Galaxy Note 9 microSD card? That ultimately comes down to how you use your phone and how many local files you plan to load it up with. I'd recommend going with the Samsung EVO Select 128GB as it doubles the storage on your Note 9 for just $20.

If you know that still won't be enough space for all of your movies, games, apps, etc., both the Samsung EVO Plus 256GB and SanDiskUltra 400GB offer considerably more space while still being relatively affordable considering what they bring to the table.

On the complete opposite end of things, there's the SanDisk Ultra 32GB. It's a modest bump up to storage that'll give you a fair amount more wiggle room, and for people that don't need a lot of extra space, it's a good fit. The best part? You can get a two-pack for a pretty reasonable price, keeping one for a spare or using one to store business content and one for personal photos and other files.

There are plenty of great microSD cards for Android devices, and any of these would be good choices for the Note 9.

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