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The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a premium phone in just about every regard. It has a colossal AMOLED display with a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate, powerful camera system with zooming capabilities up to 100x, and a giant 5,000 mAh — just to name a few of the highlights. If you want to make your experience of using the phone just a little bit nicer, it's worth picking up a leather case. Not only will this ensure protection for the S20 Ultra during daily use, but it'll also make sure it looks good while doing so.

Samsung Leather Cover Galaxy S20 Ultra Press

Perfect pairing: Samsung Leather Cover

Staff Pick

Being a premium phone, the Ultra deserves a leather case that's every bit as high-end as it is. If you ask us, the leather case that meets those standards is the official Samsung Leather Cover. Offered in six gorgeous colors, this case gives you genuine leather that looks incredible, a microfiber lining to protect the phone, and aluminum buttons that feel great to press.

CYRILL Ciel Leather Brick Series

Make it your own: CYRILL Ciel Leather Brick Series

If you like the style of Samsung's official case but can't justify its price, a solid alternative is the CYRILL Ciel Leather Brick Series. It retains the same general form factor, but swaps out genuine leather for synthetic. While that's technically a downgrade, CYRILL's synthetic material still looks and feels fantastic. Other highlights are the TPU bumper for increased protection and the swappable buttons covers — a nice customization touch.

From $11 at Amazon
Vintage Wallet Case

Handmade with care: Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet

Snakehive takes a lot of pride in its work, and that shows with the company's Genuine Leather Wallet for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Handcrafted out of European Nubuck leather, this is one of the nicest leather cases you can buy for the S20 Ultra. It's priced according to its quality, but it's well, well worth it. Outside of the craftsmanship, the case can also store credit cards, cash, and acts as a kickstand for your phone.

$38 at Amazon
Newseego 2 In 1 Wallet Folio Galaxy S20 Ultra

Double the fun: Newseego 2-in-1 Wallet Folio

When it comes to leather cases that really stand out from the rest of the competition, you can't go wrong with this option from Newseego. As the name suggests, this is a 2-in-1 case. You can use the regular case portion on its own and protect your S20 Ultra from daily wear-and-tear, and when you want it, the wallet portion attaches to give you storage for credit cards and cash, while also acting as a kickstand. Everything is made out of vegan leather, with a low price tying the whole package together.

$12 at Amazon
Janmitta Leather Case Galaxy 20 Ultra Cropped

All of the basics: Janmitta Leather Case

This next leather case is also a wallet style, but it takes a more traditional approach with the folio form factor. When the case is closed, you get full 360-degree protection for your S20 Ultra. When you open it up, you'll find room for two cards and loose cash. The case also doubles as a kickstand, making it easy to watch movies and other videos hands-free.

From $5 at Amazon
Ueebai Wallet Case Galaxy S20 Ultra Cropped

Hand strap: UEEBAI Wallet Case

Another excellent leather option comes from UEEBAI. The case is 100% handmade, offering unique craftsmanship and precise stitching that looks fantastic. You'll find pockets for five credit cards, an ID card/photo slot, and a place for cash. There's a zipper that opens up to reveal a miniature wallet, giving you even more storage. Rounding everything out is a nifty hand strap that's included.

$11 at Amazon
Simicoo Leather Case Galaxy S20 Ultra Cropped

Room for all your cards: Simicoo Leather Case

If you thought UEEBAI's case gave you lots of room for cards, just wait until you see what Simicoo is offering. With room for 11 credit cards, three cash slots, and a zippered coin pouch, you can store pretty much anything in this case. We also really like leather that's used, which has a unique distressed pattern and is available in this gorgeous red color.

$22 at Amazon
Olixar Faux Leather Flip Cover Galaxy S20 Ultra Cropped

Nice and simple: Olixar Faux Leather Flip Cover

For those of you looking for something a bit simpler, you might want to turn your attention towards the Olixar Faux Leather Flip Cover. The faux leather used by Olixar is excellent, giving you a premium look and feel at a low price. It's available in black and brown, can store up to two cards, has a built-in stand function, and comes with a two-year warranty.

$13 at Amazon
Qlytpri Vintage Slim Leather Case Galaxy S20 Ultra Cropped

The slim choice: QLTYPRI Vintage Slim Leather Case

Leather cases tend to be a bit on the chunkier side of things, which is why it's great to see QLTYPRI offer one that tries to remain as slim as possible. Despite the slimness, you still get a dual structure design that combines a leather cover with a PC inner bumper for maximum protection. You can also store a credit card and use the case as a kickstand.

$11 at Amazon

Fancy cases for a fancy phone

You need a great case for this huge, expensive phone, so why not go for leather? Leather cases are a wonderful indulgence to give your phone an extra classy look and feel while also adding useful functionality. If you have a Galaxy S20 Ultra, the leather case we recommend picking up is the Samsung Leather Cover. Since the case is made by Samsung itself, you can buy it with confidence knowing it'll fit your S20 Ultra perfectly. Add that together with the genuine leather, aluminum buttons, microfiber lining, and abundance of colors, and you're in for a treat.

Speaking of genuine leather, another case we'd happily recommend is the Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet. Snakehive's leather is simply outstanding, and the longer you use it, it ages like a fine wine. There's also a lot to be said for the functionality of the case, as it can hold up to three credit cards, loose cash, and props your phone up with its kickstand feature.

Finally, if you're trying to keep things as simple and affordable as possible, go with the Olixar Faux Leather Flip Cover. It's wonderfully cheap, holds up to two credit cards, and comes with a two-year warranty.

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