Best Keyboards for Google Pixel Slate

The Google Pixel Slate is a very large, very pretty, very expensive Chrome OS tablet, and however far Google has come in optimizing Chrome OS for touch-only input, if you own a Chrome OS device, you know all too well: this system begs for a keyboard. Chrome OS has some of the best shortcuts around, and besides, even with the Pixel Slate's beautiful screen, typing on a tablet is still worlds slower than typing on a real keyboard. So get a real keyboard and elevate your Pixel Slate experience to a higher level of enlightenment!

While the Google Pixel Slate keyboard is pretty, for that money, I'd just as soon get the Brydge G-Type and be able to use the Pixel Slate like a full-on laptop. For a more affordable — and compact — keyboard on the go, it's hard to say no to iClever's foldable keyboard, which can fit into the accessory pocket on most laptop/tablet sleeves.

Ara Wagoner

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