The best rugged cases for the LG G4 must withstand the rigors of your daily environment — inside or out.

Not every case out there can hold up to the extremes of a busy lifestyle, where drops are commonplace and expected throughout your daily routine. Like it or not, heavy duty cases are important for those of us who require extra layers, screen covers, and sturdy belt clip holsters to get our LG G4 through to the next day.

If you're going the rugged route, you'll want to consider popping off your classy leather battery door and sticking with the standard, because you're going to get a better fit that you won't have to fight to install or remove. Preposterous, we know, but going the extra mile in protection demands a little compromise. And it's not as if you can't pop your leather door back on when the occasion calls for it.

OtterBox Defender Series Case

OtterBox Defender Case for LG G4

Likely the most well known out of the bunch is the OtterBox Defender Case for the LG G4, rocking its high-impact polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber slipcover and a built-in screen protector to top it all off. This sturdy cover provides plenty of grip along with port covers to keep out dirt, moisture and other debris.

Perfect for outdoor use, the Defender Case handles those harsher impacts that a typical hybrid cover could not. If you're into belt clips, the Defender comes with its own rugged rotating holster that clips to most utility belts or even your pocket. Its face-in design keeps your display double-protected when combined with its handy screen cover. You can snag the combo right now for $49.99.

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