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If you've decided that the Garmin Lily is the best Android smartwatch for your needs, you'll be happy to know there are many fantastic band options to pick from. Keep in mind that this smartwatch is compatible with 14mm proprietary bands, so you'll need to be diligent when choosing your replacement. We've rounded up some of the best Garmin Lily bands to make this easier for you!

Garmin Lily Italian Leather Band

Straight from the source: Garmin Lily Italian Leather or Silicone Band

Staff Pick

Some people feel better knowing their replacement band comes right from the company that made the watch regardless of how expensive it is. If you want to stick to bands made by Garmin, you'll have a handful of options. The Italian leather bands are available in White, Black, and Paloma. The silicone bands are available in White, Deep Orchid, and Light Sand.

Meiruo Garmin Lily Silicone Band Pack

Triple threat: Meiruo Garmin Lily Replacement band

If you're looking for a multi-pack, this option from Meiruo will meet your needs. You'll get 3 different bands that are made of high-quality silicone. You'll be pleased to know there are a few different sets of colors to pick from, too. Your purchase also comes with the replacement tool that is needed to swap out the Garmin Lily band.

$15 at Amazon
Xhnee Garmin Lily Band Pack

Soft to the touch: Xhnee Garmin Lily Soft Silicone Replacement Band

You want a band that's going to be gentle on your skin, right? If you're a fitness enthusiast, this might just be your top priority. The Xhnee replacement bands are made of skin-friendly silicone that doesn't cause discomfort or funky smells. You'll appreciate the soft yet durable design that's ideal for workouts. This 3-pack comes in 7 different sets of colors.

$16 at Amazon
Leiou Garmin Lily Nylon Band

Stay sporty: LeiOu Garmin Lily Nylon Sport Mesh Band

While some of the best Garmin Lily bands are made of either leather or silicone, a time may come when you want something different. If you're looking for a change, consider this nylon sport mesh band from LeiOu. The dense loops provide soft cushioning for your wrist while still allowing moisture to escape. It doesn't get more breathable than this!

$20 at Amazon
Huhudde Garmin Lily Band

Affordable elegance: Huhudde Garmin Lily Leather Watchband

No matter how much you love your smartwatch, you might not be willing to spend a pretty penny on a replacement band. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options. Take the Huhudde leather bands, for example. You can choose whether your want a Black, White, or Gold band. The premium leather material offers moderate softness for maximum comfort.

$13 at Amazon
Ruentech Garmin Lily Band

Endless colors: RuenTech Garmin Lily Soft Silicone Sport Band

When you want to stock up on Garmin Lily bands, so you always have options available, look no further than this multi-pack from RuenTech. Not only will you have multiple colors to choose from, but each band is made of premium silicone rubber that won't cause irritation. The swimproof design is ideal for swimming and various other sports.

$12 at Amazon
Bangyee Garmin Lily Band

Style champ: Bangyee Garmin Lily Sport Silicone Band

Perhaps you're only seeking one replacement Garmin Lily band. These options from Bangyee are the ideal combination of sport and style. You can select your favorite color from various options, including Army Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, and more. Whether you're headed to a formal event or going for a run, these bands will treat you well.

$8 at Amazon
Duigong Garmin Lily Band

Luxurious leather: Duigong Garmin Lily Leather Band

If you bought the Garmin Lily for its fierce sense of style, you'll want a band that can keep up. This fashionable option from Duigong might be just what you're searching for. Choose from classic colors with premium stitching, including brown, black, and white. Your purchase includes both small/medium and medium/large strap lengths for a perfect fit.

$23 at Amazon

Best Garmin Lily bands: How to choose

Garmin Lily band frontSource: Courtney Lynch / Android Central

If you've been waiting to find the best Garmin smartwatch with a feminine design, chances are you'll love the Lily. As we touched upon earlier, this wearable isn't compatible with standard quick-release bands. You'll need to seek out proprietary bands that are specifically designed for the Garmin Lily. The good news is that all of the best Garmin Lily bands on this list come with the replacement tool you need to swap out the bands.

One of our favorite options is, of course, the Garmin Lily bands that the company makes. You won't have to worry about whether or not they'll fit properly. More importantly, you can count on them to offer excellent quality that will last. As of now, Garmin only offers leather and silicone options, but there are quite a few colors to pick from.

Those who aren't too fond of the price tag that comes with Garmin's leather bands might prefer one of the third-party options instead. For example, Huhudde leather bands are a mere fraction of the price. There are a few different color options to pick from, and they'll feel incredibly comfortable on your wrist.

There's plenty more where that came from. Regardless of whether you want a single band or a multi-pack, you'll be able to find a match for your needs. These are just a few of the best Garmin Lily bands on the market. As long as you make sure to seek out the proprietary 14mm bands that are compatible with this smartwatch, you'll be in good shape!

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