Best Galaxy S10 5G Screen Protectors Android Central 2020

Let's face it, accidents happen. All you can do is try to protect your device so it stays in tact when disaster strikes. This especially rings true for a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G which comes in at more than $1,200. If you end up with a cracked screen, or even a deep scratch, replacing it can be a tough pill to swallow. Here are the best screen protectors you can get today.

Worth the price: Whitestone Dome Glass

Staff pick

Nothing gets more premium than the Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector. It offers full coverage and ensures that the sensitivity is great enough for the ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner. The only hang up that folks may have is the installation procedure, but Whitestone includes a great tutorial video to make sure it gets applied correctly.

$50 at Amazon

Trusted brand: Zagg InvisibleShield Ultra Clear

Zagg has been in the game for such a long time that the InvisibleShield line should definitely be considered. The same rings true with the Ultra Clear protector, thanks to its self-healing nano-memory technology which will fix itself when the protector suffers from "minor scratches and dings".

$30 at Amazon

No glass needed: Skinomi TechSkin 2-Pack

There are some out there who are not huge fans of tempered glass and prefer the "old-school" plastic screen protector. Skinomi has been a player in the game for quite awhile. The TechSkin protector offers an ultra-clear experience without any residue and an easy installation process.

$9 at Skinomi

Avoid the scratches: Orzero Full Coverage Screen Protector

The Orzero protector is a great pick. It comes in a 3-pack, offers a perfect fit for the Galaxy S10 5G, and is ultra-slim, offering a great overall glass screen protector without breaking the bank.

$9 at Amazon

Easy installation: Fibevon Bubble-Free Screen Protector

It's all fine and dandy to pick up a screen protector for the front of your device, but Fibevon takes it up a notch and offers a glass protector for the camera lens on the rear. There is no need to worry about lens distortion, provided that there are no scratches or scuffs on the protector itself.

$14 at Amazon

Only your eyes: Venoro Privacy Screen Protector

The bigger the display, the higher chances of someone looking over your shoulder at some personal information. The Venoro Privacy Screen Protector prevents that from happening as the screen is only visible when viewing the screen head-on.

$12 at Amazon

Can you use a Galaxy S10 Plus screen protector with the S10 5G

It would not surprise anyone for Samsung to essentially make the S10 5G the same size as the Galaxy S10 Plus, but that's not the case here. Instead, the S10 5G is even larger with its 6.7-inch display, compared to the 6.4-inch display found on the S10 Plus. For that reason alone, you will need to make sure that you get a screen protector that is designed specifically for the S10 5G.

Which screen protector should you pick?

The Galaxy S10 5G is an absolutely amazing device that is leading the industry, and you'll want to do whatever you can to protect your investment. Luckily, there are many different screen protectors available on the market for you to find the one that fits your preferences.

Our favorite of the lot is the Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector due to its reliability, and if you can get past the installation process, you'll be more than satisfied. But those who don't want to break the bank will want to look at the Orzero Screen Protector with its edge-to-edge coverage along with the fact that this comes in a three-pack.

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