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If you're in the market for one of the best cheap Android phones, chances are you've come across the Galaxy A11 and it's time to pick up the best Galaxy A11 cases to go with it. This phone is rather impressive considering how cheap it is, given the flagship-level design paired with solid specs to provide a great experience. Not only is the Galaxy A11 one of the best cheap Android phones, but it's also one of the best Boost Mobile phones you can find. There's a good reason why Samsung continues to update this lineup of devices, as they are among the most popular with those who don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a smartphone. Nevertheless, we've rounded up the best Galaxy A11 cases to keep your phone trucking along for as long as possible.

Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy A11 Render

Familiar feeling: Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff Pick

When it comes to getting a case for your phone, there's no better option than Spigen and its Rugged Armor series. This case sports a textured material on the back, along with some sleek carbon fiber finishes at the top and bottom. The Rugged Armor includes Spigen's Air Cushion technology and a spiderweb pattern inside the case to improve shock absorption.

$12 at Amazon
Entaifeng Grippy Galaxy A11 Case

Unique designs: Entaifeng Grippy TPU Case

If you insist on putting a case on your new Galaxy A11, then why not give it something that shows off your personality? The Entaifeng Grippy TPU Case does this with three different unique designs, all while offering great shock absorption and more for your phone. The company also includes a three-month warranty if something happens to your case.

$7 at Amazon
Weycolor Liquid Silicone Galaxy A11 Render

Protect every corner: Weycolor Liquid Silicone Case

The Weycolor Liquid Silicone Case comes in three different color choices, although we're a bit biased towards the purple option. On the inside, you'll find a soft microfiber lining, while the outside of the case is made from TPU, is smooth to the touch, and will always look clean with its anti-fingerprint coating. Weycolor even includes two tempered glass screen protectors, giving you 360 degrees of protection.

$10 at Amazon
ERAGLOW Wallet Galaxy A11 Render

Get a wallet: ERAGLOW Leather Wallet Case

If you are trying to slim down on your pocket carry, then you'll end up deciding on whether to carry both a wallet and your phone. Why not combine the two with the Galaxy A11 and the Leather Wallet Case from ERAGLOW? This case has three card slots and a magnetic fastener to keep the front flap closed while doubling as a stand to prop your phone up.

$8 at Amazon
CoverON Hexaguard Galaxy A11 Render

Basic protection: CoverON Hybrid Cover

CoverON's Hybrid Cover adds just a little bit of bulk, a whole lot of protection, and a few bonus features. The TPU case comes in five different colors, while including a built-in kickstand on the back and cutout on the side for those who enjoy using a wrist strap.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Galaxy A11 Render

Add a skeleton: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

There are protective cases and then there's the Unicorn Beetle Pro from SUPCASE. This case, with its multiple layers of protection, will do everything it can in the event your phone is dropped. There's a built-in kickstand on the back, a built-in screen protector, and SUPCASE even includes a holster since this is probably too big for your pocket.

Pushimei Clear Tpu Galaxy A11 Render

See-thru: PUSHIMEI Clear Anti-Shock TPU

Some folks don't like hiding their phone away in a case because it takes away from the beauty and overall design. That won't be a problem with PUSHIMEI's TPU case, thanks to the clear design showing off all the curves and edges. Plus, the four corners are reinforced with built-in air pockets to act as an "anti-shock" system for the Galaxy A11.

$6 at Amazon
GSDCB Air Cushion Galaxy A11 Render

Class it up: GSDCB Air Cushion Cover

There are a bunch of cases that try to "do too much" and don't focus on the basics. That's not the case with the GSDCB Air Cushion Cover. This simple TPU case will protect your phone from drops and scratches, and the back has a textured feel to add more grip than what you would get if you didn't have a case.

$6 at Amazon
Osophter Flexible Cover Galaxy A11 Render

Bare essentials: Osophter Flexible Cover

Having a case that doesn't feel like it needs tools to take on and off is a great convenience, and that's what you get with the Osophter Flexible Cover. This TPU Rubber case offers great shock absorption and is capable of withstanding just about anything you can throw at it.

$7 at Amazon
Covrware Armor Galaxy A11 Render

Holster your phone: Covrware Full Body Armor

The Covrware Full Body Armor is a great case for the Galaxy A11 thanks to the fact that you get 360-degrees of protection with the TPU and polycarbonate combination. Then, Covrware takes it to the next level with a built-in screen protector and a belt clip that can rotate up to 360-degrees and doubles as a kickstand.

Donse Quicksand Galaxy A11 Render

Unique designs: Donse Liquid Quicksand Cover

The Galaxy A11 features a pretty nice design, but adding a case can give it a bit more personality. That's where the Donse Liquid Quicksand Cover comes in with the quicksand design on the back which lets little hearts move around as you use the phone. In addition to featuring some added protection in all four corners, the company includes two screen protectors so you can keep your screen free of scratches.

$8 at Amazon
Lovpec Ring Case Galaxy A11 Render

Put a ring on it: Lovpec Ring Holder Cover

What's the point in spending even more money on something like a PopSocket if you have a tendency of dropping your phone? The Lovpec Ring Holder Cover features a built-in ring holder on the back, which doubles as a kickstand so you can use your phone comfortably, even if it's a bit larger than you are used to.

$10 at Amazon

These are the best Galaxy A11 cases for everyone

There are a lot of cases for you to choose from, but it's hard to look past the Spigen Rugged Armor. The case provides a familiar look and feel, along with the protection that you'll need. In addition to the raised edges around the display and camera module, the Rugged Armor sports Spigen's Air Cushion technology to go along with the spiderweb pattern for enhanced shock absorption.

Those who want something a bit different, will want to take a look at the Entaifeng Grippy TPU case. Not only do you get a great and durable TPU case to protect the A11 itself, but Olixar also includes a tempered glass screen protector. This will give you 360 degrees of protection while keeping a slim and lightweight profile.

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