Best Desk Lamps that Charge Your Phone Android Central 2020

No matter if you work from home or are drowning in homework, a good desk lamp is a great way to tie your entire workspace together. Better yet, a desk lamp that can charge your phone adds a beautiful level of functionality that any workflow can benefit from. Without further ado, these are our favorite desk lamps that also serve as phone chargers.

Fast wireless charging: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Staff pick

This first desk lamp from TaoTronics has a very modern design that's super sleek and highly customizable. The LED light has five color modes and seven brightness levels that can be changed at any time using the touch controls at the base. There's a wireless charger that supports up to 10W speeds and a USB port for 5V/1A charging.

$43 at Amazon

The simple choice: Limelights Brushed Steel Lamp

Limelights' lamp has a much more traditional design that's simply timeless. The fabric lampshade is available in a variety of colors, and the brushed steel base looks fantastic. You'll only find one USB port for charging, but at this price, that's to be expected.

$20 at Amazon

Past meets present: TaoTronics LED Bedside Lamp

Our next pick combines a homey aesthetic with wireless charging support and a dimmable light. Your phone rests on the base of the lamp for up to 10W charging speeds, there's a built-in USB port for 5V/1A wired charging, and the light can be dimmed using the control knob.

$40 at Amazon

Does it all: Gerintech LED Desk Lamp

Going back to lamps with more quirky designs, Gerintech's lamp is all about being as functional as can be. This thing has a dimmable LED light, alarm clock, USB port for 5V/2A wired charging, pen/pencil storage, temperature reader, and the front LCD display even shows the current date.

$46 at Amazon

So classy: Aooshine Table Lamp

Don't need all of those bells and whistles and want a lamp that looks darn good? Enter Aooshine's lamp. The wooden base looks downright gorgeous, and when paired with the fabric shade, results in a seriously good-looking lamp. The USB port allows for 5V/2A charging, and your purchase is backed by a 90-day warranty.

$30 at Amazon

Do the twist: Omnilight LED Desk Lamp

The unique gooseneck design on the Omnilight desk lamp allows the light to be folded and bent in a virtually endless number of ways, while the light itself shines brighter and covers more surface area compared to competing options. As for charging, there's one USB port.

$34 at Amazon

All the colors: OttLite LED Color Changing Lamp

OttLite's LED Color Changing Lamp is a bit different from others with its unique design. There are five different brightness levels, three different color modes, and a built-in 5V, 2.1A USB charging port. The tunnel at the base changes colors based on your selection, along with cycling through the color spectrum.

$60 at Amazon

To the point: Macally LED Desk Table Lamp

The Macally LED Desk Lamp sports four USB charging ports, along with a built-in touch sensor. This means that you don't have to fiddle with switches to turn the light on, and there are three levels of brightness to choose from.

$30 at Amazon

Extra charging ports: COZOON LED Desk Lamp

The COZOON LED Lamp is the Swiss Army knife of desk lamps, as it includes three USB charging ports, along with two standard AC power sockets. The COZOON also features three lighting modes, three brightness levels, a 60-minute timer, along with a 24-month warranty.

$40 at Amazon

Removable clock: AUSFORE Bedside Modern Accent Lamp

AUSFORE's Modern Accent Lamp is another all-in-one option, but this one is meant for the bedside table. There is a removable alarm clock base, along with four UBS charging ports and two AC power outlets. The alarm clock portion itself features a battery back-up if you lose power and still need to get up in the morning.

$60 at Amazon

Get the best nightstand charger

We've previously been impressed with TaoTronics' affordable Bluetooth headphones, so if you want to pick up something you know you can rely on for a long time to come, you can't go wrong with the company's Desk Lamp or Bedside Lamp.

Alternatively, if you want something more affordable with a classier look, Limelights' lamp is another excellent choice. This lamp has a traditional look, but the most significant benefit is that there are more than 15 color options for the lampshade, providing the ability to match any room décor.

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