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Best Car Chargers for Google Pixel 5 Android Central 2021

When on the road, keeping your phone powered is essential, and having one of the best car chargers for the Pixel 5 is step number one for being prepared for what may come on the journey. If you already have a good phone mount for your car, then you'll want a properly wired charger. However, if going completely wire-free sounds good, then you'll want to be sure you get one of the best wireless car chargers and mounts to keep your Pixel 5 charged and in view for directions. Just be sure to keep your eyes on the road as best you can for safety.

Anker Powerdrive Iii Duo Reco

Quick and reliable: Anker 48W PowerDrive+ III Duo Car Charger

Staff Pick

With up to 48W of power available for your devices across its two USB-C ports and smart charging capability, this is one of the best car chargers for the Pixel 5. One port offers 18W PD, which is perfect for your Pixel 5, while the other port has up to 30W PD for larger devices that can better utilize that power.

Ravpower 48w Car Charger Reco

Smart power: RAVPower 48W 2-port Car Charger

This dual-port car charger has a max output of 48W from the USB-C and USB-A plugs. With up to 30W Power Delivery from the USB-C port, your Pixel 5 and more can be powered up quickly, or with the iSmart USB-A port, get up to 18W of power.

$15 at Amazon
Choetech 36w Car Charger Reco

Heavy metal: CHOETECH 36W 2-Port Car Charger

While you won't get the same high wattage level from this charger, this durable metal-constructed device offers two USB-C ports, each with 18W of PD power. So if you happen to be a dual Pixel 5 family, this may be the best car charger for you.

$17 at Amazon
Aukey 30w Car Charger Reco

Keeping a low profile: AUKEY 30W PD Car Charger

Though it may be small, this charger kicks out 30W PD power from its dual USB-C ports, 24W, when using both at the same time. All of this power while being nearly flush with your dash when plugged in, so it isn't sticking out and in the way.

$17 at Amazon
iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Car Charger Hlcrio142 Reco

Proper security: iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Car Mount Kit

iOttie makes some of the best wireless car chargers and mounts in the business, and this one is no exception. Its telescoping arm, Easy One Touch trigger button secure your phone, and simple charging coil alignment is wonderful. While it is only 10W of power rather than the 15W max the Pixel 5 can handle, the quality material and adjustable arm may just be worth it.

Zeehoo Wireless Charger Phone Mount Reco

Sensible power: ZeeHoo Qi Fast Wireless Charger with Auto-claming Car Mount

This vent mounted charger offers up to 15W of Qi wireless charging, but its most unique feature is the auto-clamping lock and easy unlocking. Once your phone is placed into the charger, the locking arms grasp your phone, securing it in the cradle, then it begins to power up your Pixel 5 at peak wireless charging speeds.

$37 at Amazon

Transportation power-ups

Google's Pixel 5 ushered in one of the largest batteries found in a Pixel device. At 4,080mAh, it's a good size for a smaller phone, and if not using the full 18W Power Delivery charging speeds the Pixel 5 is capable of, it can take a while to get topped off.

While all of these car chargers on this list will give you the speed you need to get your phone charged up quickly on the road, the Anker 48W PowerDrive+ III Duo Car Charger is the champ here. Anker has a pedigree of making very high-quality charging accessories, and this car charger brings that in its 18W PD port and 30W PD ports to ensure you can power even your mos power-hungry devices without a car.

If you want to pick up a car charger and mount in one or upgrade an existing one, the ZeeHoo Qi Fast Wireless Charger is just the ticket. The ZeeHoo has a max output of 15W wirelessly, which perfectly lines up with the Pixel 5. This mount also has a nice feature of automatically locking arms to secure your phone, so you don't have to fuss with that part while trying to get on the road.

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