Best Bluetooth keyboards for Amazon Fire HD 10 & 10 Plus 2023

Amazon makes some of the best tablets for watching your favorite shows and playing games, but they can also help you stay productive, too — especially with the Fire HD 10 and 10 Plus. Both have a productivity bundle with a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard and Microsoft 365 subscription; but just because you bought the Fire HD 10 by itself doesn't mean you missed your chance. 

You can still buy one of the best Bluetooth keyboards for the Amazon Fire HD 10 and enjoy both worlds — work and play. Some Bluetooth keyboards specifically connect to the Fire tablet, while others will work with any tablet, and can sit in front of your Fire HD 10 if you have a case with a kickstand. Out of all the Bluetooth keyboards out there, we recommend these picks.

Here are some great Bluetooth keyboards for your Fire HD 10 & 10 Plus

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Ready to work, anywhere

These days you can be productive almost anywhere with a great Android tablet. With the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablets, you get a powerful device with a beautiful 10.1-inch screen that's perfect for watching movies and getting your work done. However, when it's time to buckle down and do some typing, an on-screen keyboard isn't always the best option. This is when it's helpful to have a great Bluetooth keyboard handy.

If you only have long typing sessions every now and then, you will probably want to pair up the Logitech K380 with one of the best Amazon Fire HD 10 cases. This way, you can prop up your tablet while getting work done on this reliable and comfortable Bluetooth keyboard. But, if you want to be ready when the moment strikes, and you need to type as efficiently as possible, go for the Amazon Bluetooth Keyboard case. Not only is it an excellent keyboard, but you'll have everything you need in one device.

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