Cyber Monday NAS deals 2023: Save big on the best NAS servers and HDDs

If you're hoping to track down the best NAS deals during Cyber Monday, you've come to the right place. Days before the big sale, we're already seeing solid discounts on NAS servers, with more to come in the days ahead. 

Whether you want to make your purchase now or you're just curious about the available options, bookmark this page: we'll keep adding new NAS deals as they're announced. 

The best NAS servers let you stream your locally-stored media to all devices on your home network (and beyond) using a service like Plex — think of it as your own personal Netflix or Spotify. So if you're interested in buying a NAS or are considering an upgrade, these are the best deals currently available. 

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Best NAS deals

1. Synology DiskStation DS923+: $599 $479 at Amazon

1. Synology DiskStation DS923+: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$599 $479 at Amazon

The DiskStation DS923+ is the best 4-bay NAS around, and it is getting its first meaningful discount for Cyber Monday. If you've had this NAS on your wishlist, now is the time to pick it up. 

2. Synology DiskStation DS224+: $299 $254 at Amazon

2. Synology DiskStation DS224+: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$299 $254 at Amazon

The DiskStation DS224+ has everything you need if you're just getting started with NAS servers. It has the best software in this segment, is ideal as a Plex server, and you get a great value. 

3. Western Digital My Cloud Expert EX2 8TB:$449.99$399.99 at Best Buy

3. Western Digital My Cloud Expert EX2 8TB: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$449.99 $399.99 at Best Buy

If you're looking for an integrated NAS enclosure with a hard drive built-in, the My Cloud EX2 is a great choice, especially when you pair it with a $50 price drop at Best Buy. 

4. TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS: $159 $127 at Amazon

4. TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$159 $127 at Amazon

The F2-210 is still a great choice if you want an entry-level NAS with decent hardware. You get a quad-core chip, 1GB of RAM, Gigabit Ethernet at the back, and updated software that's modern. It works well as a Plex server, and honestly, this is a great starting option if you haven't used a NAS before. 

5. TerraMaster F2-223 2-Bay NAS: $259 $207 at Amazon

5. TerraMaster F2-223 2-Bay NAS: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$259 $207 at Amazon

The F2-223 is a phenomenal value; this NAS is powered by Intel's dual-core Celeron N4505, and is ideal as a Plex media server. You also get 4GB of RAM out of the box, two 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, an HDMI port, and the latest version of TerraMaster's software. The value you're getting here is unmatched. 

6.QNAP TS-462-4G-US 4-Bay NAS: $489 $391 at Amazon

6. QNAP TS-462-4G-US 4-Bay NAS: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$489 $391 at Amazon

QNAP's TS-462-4G-US combines a powerful Celeron N4505 with 2.5GbE connectivity and four drive bays. You also get an HDMI port, the ability to upgrade to 10GbE, and useful software features. If you need a 4-bay NAS with a good value, this is the one to get. 

7. TerraMaster T6-423 6-Bay NAS: $699 $559 at Amazon

7. TerraMaster T6-423 6-Bay NAS: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$699 $559 at Amazon

Want a 6-bay NAS that's designed for Plex media streaming? You should take a look at the T6-423. It is powered by the quad-core Celeron N5095, has 4GB of RAM, dual 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports at the back, and M.2 SSD slots. Combine that with modern software, and you're getting quite a lot here. 

8. Buffalo LinkStation 220:$254.99$229.99 at Amazon

8. Buffalo LinkStation 220: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$254.99 $229.99 at Amazon

It's not a massive discount, but you can still get a nice 10% dropped from the price of the Buffalo LinkStation 220 if you order one from Amazon today. This storage device boasts a 2TB of total storage with dual drive bays and a minimalist design. 

9. Buffalo TeraStation 5810DN 32TB:$2,309.99$1,424.99 at Amazon

9. Buffalo TeraStation 5810DN 32TB: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$2,309.99 $1,424.99 at Amazon

This is a good deal on a server with plenty of built-in storage. 

Best NAS HDD deals

1. Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS HDD: $174 $139 at Amazon

1. Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS HDD: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$174 $139 at Amazon

IronWolf continues to be one of the most reliable NAS hard drives you can get, and this 8TB model strikes the ideal balance between value and plenty of storage. 

2. WD Elements&nbsp;18TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive: $349 $229 at Amazon

2. WD Elements 18TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$349 $229 at Amazon

The 18TB Elements is down to its lowest price. You can use this drive as a standalone hard drive, or extract the HDD inside the enclosure and slot it into your NAS. For what you're paying, you are getting the best value in this segment. 

3. WD easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive: $309 $199 at Best Buy

3. WD easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$309 $199 at Best Buy

You can use this 14TB easystore as a hard drive in its own right, but you can also easily extract the drive located within the enclosure and use it inside your existing NAS. Whatever you end up doing, this is a terrific value if you need 14TB of affordable storage. 

4. Seagate Exos X20 20TB NAS HDD: $345 $269 at Newegg

4. Seagate Exos X20 20TB NAS HDD: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$345 $269 at Newegg

As much as I like IronWolf, the Exos X20 is a terrific option if you want plenty of storage in your NAS server. I talked about how this is my <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">favorite NAS drive, and if you need long-term reliability, you need to act on this deal. 

5. Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB NAS HDD:$392 $249 at Newegg

5. Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB NAS HDD: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$392 $249 at Newegg

The IronWolf Pro is a terrific choice if you need plenty of reliable storage, and I've used these drives for nearly four years without any issues. You'll need to use code BFDAYWCYA765 to bring it down to the listed price. 

6. Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS HDD: $105 $79 at Newegg

6. Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS HDD: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$105 $79 at Newegg

Don't want massive amounts of storage? You should consider Seagate's 4TB IronWolf. The drive has a modest discount at the moment, but it is still a good deal if you need to increase the storage on your existing NAS. 


Which NAS should I buy? 

The first question you have to ask yourself is how much storage you're going to need. That sets the basis for whether you should get a two-bay, four-bay, or a larger NAS server.

Synology is the largest manufacturer of NAS servers, and it sells dozens of products across various categories. Synology is known for its high-quality offerings, and its products are built to last. But the defining feature of Synology's NAS models is the software, with the web-based DiskStation Manager setting the standard for this category.

If this is the first NAS you're buying and you don't want to invest a lot of money into a server, the Synology DiskStation DS223j is our top pick for the best cheap NAS. You're still getting all the best software features that Synology has to offer, and while you don't get as many drive bays as some devices, it is a great choice for those making their foray into this segment. If you don't mind spending a little extra cash, the Synology DiskStation DS723+ is a great choice for most users. 

How do I choose a hard drive for my NAS? 

Choosing the right hard drive for your NAS is just as vital as selecting the right enclosure. Because NAS enclosures are designed to run 24/7, there are NAS-focused hard drives available in the market. These models feature vibration resistance and are designed to handle the stresses of a 24/7 environment, and differ from your regular hard drives.

Another factor to consider when choosing a NAS hard drive is the speed. HDDs are usually available in either 5400rpm or 7200rpm, and the latter delivers better performance because the spindle moves at 7,200 rounds per minute. I've used 5400rpm drives in NAS enclosures tailored for media streaming for years without any issues, but if you're building a more enthusiast-focused NAS and are looking for better performance, pick a model with a 7200rpm. 

There are several NAS-focused hard drive product lines, with WD Red Plus and Seagate IronWolf dominating the sales charts. With drives starting out at 1TB and going all the way to 20TB, there's no shortage of options available across either product line. 

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