Best Bands for Garmin Vivoactive 4 Android Central 2020

The new Garmin Vivoactive 4 has a lot to offer, but you won't get very far without a suitable band. Whether you need something that can withstand your high-intensity workouts or you want to dress it up for fancy occasions, there are plenty of options. The Vivoactive 4 works with 22mm quick release bands. If you prefer the smaller Vivoactive 4S, you'll need 18mm bands instead. Not to worry, we've included bands for both.

Waterproof comfort: Ritche Silicone Watch Band

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Need a watch band that can do it all? Check out these silicone bands from Ritche. They're made of premium elastomer material that's flexible and waterproof, which is perfect if you want to go swimming with your Vivoactive 4. Best of all? You'll never have to worry about skin irritation as it's lightweight and dries easily.

Impeccably permeable: Sycreek Quick Release Watch Band

The Vivoactive 4 is a fitness smartwatch, so you'll probably need at least one durable band that can handle your workouts. These Sycreek bands are great since they're made with a high-quality silicone material that's both waterproof and anti-sweat. It's also extremely permeable thanks to the breathable holes that keep your skin feeling comfortable.

$7 at Amazon (22mm)

Stylish durability: Ritche Canvas Quick Release Watch Band

If you'd prefer a style-oriented band that offers top-notch durability, these Ritche canvas bands will do. There are over 10 colors to choose from, so variety is never an issue. The cotton canvas material is both soft and strong, and it comes complete with a stainless steel buckle. However, it's not designed for use in the pool or shower.

Flawless fashion: Fullmosa Stainless Steel Watch Band

When it's time to get fancy, you may want to swap out your durable band for something more formal. These Fullmosa mesh bands are a great choice. The unique magnetic clasp closure lets you achieve the perfect fit while keeping it secure. The high-quality stainless steel material is finely polished and anti-sweat, so it's designed to last.

Unique designs: Lwsengme Silicone Watch Band

Looking for a silicone watch band but tired of basic colors? You'll stand out from the crowd with these decorative silicone bands from Lwsengme. The unique anti-slide keeper is designed to hold your band in place all day long. There are multiple patterns to choose from, including leopard, floral, and polka dot. Solid colors are also available.

$11 at Amazon (22mm)

Dress it up: Berfine Quick Release Leather Watch Band

There are many materials to consider when shopping for a watch band, including leather. In addition to being highly durable and flexible, it also provides you with a fashionable accessory to go with your Vivoactive 4. They're made of premium leather and come in various colors, including brown, black, olive green, and more.

Go on an adventure: Archer Quick Release Watch Bands

If you're looking for a rugged band that's designed for your adventurous lifestyle, you'll have met your match with Archer nylon bands. You'll have two solid layers of thick nylon that promises maximum strength. Once you break it in, it'll form to the shape of your wrist for an amazingly comfortable fit. It's waterproof and washable, too.

Classy as can be: TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Metal Watch Band

For those who really want to make a fashion statement with their smartwatch, these TRUMiRR stainless steel bands are a solid choice. You simply can't beat the elegant appearance of this classy band, which is complete with a traditional folding clasp buckle. You'll never have to worry about it becoming loose or falling off.

$18 at Amazon (22mm)

All the colors: Fullmosa Axus Genuine Leather Watch Band

If you like the idea of a leather watch band but want to stray from the traditional color schemes, these bands from Fullmosa will do the trick. They're available in both the 18mm and 22mm sizes as well as an assortment of unique colors. The material is 100% genuine full grain leather that's soft and durable for superior comfort.

For every occasion: Barton Sailcloth Premium Nylon Weave Band

Those who want a band that's ideal for both workouts and formal occasions will appreciate the Barton premium nylon weave sailcloth bands. The treated underside is ultra-soft against the skin and minimizes slipping while providing maximum comfort. It also has a highly durable stainless steel buckle to keep your band secure.

Making a choice

As we mentioned, you certainly won't be short on options when choosing a watchband for your Garmin Vivoactive 4. Even if you chose to invest in the slightly smaller Vivoactive 4S, there are a plethora of bands to pick from. We love the Ritche Silicone Watch Band for its waterproof design that will work well with any exercise routine you've got in mind. It's available in over 15 snazzy colors, too.

While silicone is a good material choice for working out and staying active, there may come a time where you need to swap it out for something more formal. In that case, we'd suggest the Fullmosa Stainless Steel Watch Band. It will complement any outfit you choose. It's also smooth and thin, so it's not too flashy or bulky. If you'd prefer something that's both soft and durable, we'd shoot for the nylon Archer Quick Release Watch Band. You can take on any adventure while still having a comfortable band on your wrist.

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