Best Bands for Garmin Vivoactive 3 Android Central 2019

The Vivoactive 3 is no ordinary smartwatch, so why should the band that goes with it be anything less than unique? There are seemingly endless options to choose from, so buckle up. Whether you have a specific color, material, or function in mind, we've got some excellent choices for you to consider.

Sporty spice: BIGTANG Soft Silicone Fitness Band

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Are you looking for a band that's soft on your wrist yet still designed to handle your intense activities? Look no further. This band will undoubtedly do the trick. It comes in seven different colors. You have the option of stocking up on a three-pack, five-pack, or you can buy all seven.

$7 at Amazon

Mix it up: Olytop Premium Nylon Sport Band

If you want to mix things up, check out this nylon watch band from Olytop. It's easily one of the most exciting bands we've seen. While aesthetics are sharp, this band delivers on versatility and durability. It's wear-resistant and waterproof so that you can wear it all day long.

$17 at Amazon

Ultimate breathability: B-Great Breathable Watch Band

Are you worried about breathability? With this band, you don't have to be. It's incredibly permeable thanks to the air holes that provide maximum airflow for your skin to breathe better. Wear it when you run, wear it when you sleep, wear it all the time! You'll love the pin-and-tuck closure that keeps it secure.

$9 at Amazon

Comfortably stylish: BIGTANG Genuine Leather Band

Achieve the perfect blend of comfort and style with this genuine leather band from BIGTANG. It fits wrists that range from 5.51" to 8.07," and the adjustable loop makes it easy to adjust the size as needed. Most importantly, the leather material is durable, so you can count on it to hold up during your workouts.

$14 at Amazon

Go classy: BIGTANG Stainless Steel Watch Band

If you're looking for a band that'll dress up your smartwatch for a night out on the town, this one's for you. The BIGTANG band is made with a high-tech surface finish and precision stainless steel material. It's suitable for all occasions. Don't forget about the folding clasp buckle that keeps it locked in place.

$16 at Amazon

Silky smooth: ZGS Stainless Steel Mesh Band

Are you a fan of the stainless steel look but would prefer something a little lighter on the wrist? This mesh band from ZGS is the perfect solution. The innovative material is thin and smooth, so it hugs your wrist and won't get in the way of your activities. Choose from various colors, including silver, rose gold, and black.

$12 at Amazon

Keep it casual: Fintie Soft Woven Nylon Band

For those seeking cozy and casual, you can't go wrong with the Fintie soft woven nylon band. In addition to providing superior comfort, it's also made to fit wrists of all sizes, from 6.10" to 8.66" to be exact. The stainless steel buckle clasp provides an excellent combination of simplicity and elegance for all occasions.

$10 at Amazon

Carefree flexibiility: NotoCity Silicone Watch Band

This high-performance silicone band from NotoCity is exceptionally flexible, so you can count on it to move with you. The environmentally-friendly material is both non-toxic and water-resistant. No matter what your day looks like, this band is designed to come along for the ride.

$9 at Amazon

Decisions, decisions

The good news is that you'll be in good hands with any of these bands — and we've only just begun to scratch the surface on all of the options. First and foremost, you're probably going to want something that's both durable and comfortable, especially if you exercise frequently. The BIGTANG foft silicone fitness band is the best choice for that.

You'll also want to take a moment to think about your preferred material. Maybe you've got sensitive skin and need something that won't irritate it while still being breathable. If this sounds like you, you'll want to get your hands on the B-Great breathable watch band. The air hole design ensures you'll have plenty of airflow throughout the day, so irritation is never an issue.

On the other hand, maybe you're looking for something simple and casual that's intended for comfortable all-day wear. If that's the case, we recommend the Fintie soft woven nylon band. Whatever your needs are, there's a band out there that was designed to meet them.

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