Best accessories for the LG Urbane Watch 2

After a short-lived release in late 2015, the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is finally ready to adorn your wrist! A key difference between the second generation and the original Urbane is the LTE connectivity, which means your watch doesn't need to be connected to your phone. AT&T was the first carrier to begin selling this watch with Verizon following suit.

Once you have your shiny new LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, you'll want to make sure you also have the best accessories to keep it looking and working its best!

Supershieldz Ballistics screen protector

Supershieldz Screen Protector

That 1.38-inch circular P-OLED display on your LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is gorgeous! First things first, you'll want to protect that thing from scratches and bumps by getting a top-quality screen protector.

Supershieldz is an established name thanks to their excellent screen protectors for phones and they're bringing their proven designs to the Urbane. Their tempered glass screen protector is easy to install thanks to their "bubble free" adhesive, so you won't see any of those unsightly bumps when you try to smooth out your protector after installing it. The glass film has been precisely cut to match the Urbane's screen perfectly and the anti-fingerprint finish prevents your beautiful screen from getting smudged up as you tap and swipe.

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Jaybird X2 Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird X2 Sport Bluetooth Headphones

The prime feature of the second generation of the LG Watch Urbane is its LTE connectivity. Sometimes you won't want to speak into the Urbane's tiny microphone (like a secret agent speaking into their wrist) and often, you might want to listen to music off of your phone. Enjoy the best of both worlds by picking up a high quality pair of Bluetooth earbuds like the Jaybird X2 Sport.

These are superior headphones first and foremost. Jaybird has been on the Bluetooth scene for a long time and developed a reputation for their great audio tones and comfort. The X2 sport buds were designed to fit and stay comfortably in your ear for leisure listening or pumping the jams from your Urbane's internal storage during an intense run. These earbuds last for eight hours on a charge, are sweat-proof, and come with a lifetime warranty. In addition to having superior audio playback, the call answer button and microphone are strategically placed so you can flip between music and calls with minimal effort.

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Artifex Charging Stand

Artifex Charging Dock Stand

The biggest feature of the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition happens to be its biggest battery drainer: LTE connectivity. In normal conditions you should be able to make it through a day without problems, but if you're making a lot of calls or in an area with limited cell coverage, you may end up burning through your watch battery faster than you expect, so a second charger for work could be a good idea.

The LG Urbane 2 is still pretty new, which means there is limited selection for really cool charging stands and cradles. However, the Artifex charging dock stand has a really great design and does the job. The primary purpose of a charger is to top up your battery, but why not look cool while you do it? The Artifex tilts your beautiful Urbane faceup, showing it off so you can still monitor the display for notifications, or just admire you sleek new tech accessory.

Note: you cannot use a charger from the first generation of Urbane because the charging pins will not line up with the connector on the watch, so make sure whatever charger you buy, it has been designed for the latest the Urbane.

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The basic things you need to enjoy and use your second generation LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition come with it in the box, but it's always nice to have a few extra accessories to personalize your device for your tastes. If you've been fruitlessly searching online for sweet watch bands to swap in and out and are wondering why you can't find them, that's because the bands cannot be removed from the latest generation of Urbane. That's because the receiver for the LTE connection is built into the band, which makes it important to choose a color you won't grow tired of when you select your watch.

Do you have a favorite accessory for your new LG Urbane watch? If there's something you think should be on our list, make sure to leave a comment below telling us what you have and why you love it!

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