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Amazon has run its fair share of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on its own devices, but I can't think of another that is quite as astonishing a value as this one. Today you can score a Cyber Monday deal on the Echo Flex for just $10! This little Echo was already a great deal at its retail price of $15, but for $10, you can get 10 for the price of one big Echo smart speaker. These make fantastic gifts and are perfect for placing in those areas of your home where a traditional smart speaker can't fit.

Echo Flex

Gorgeous glow: Amazon Echo Flex| Save $15 at various retailers

The Echo Flex is Amazon's most flexible Alexa smart speaker. It can be plugged into any standard wall outlet, extending Alexa's range around your home. It comes with a built-in speaker and USB port, but you can add attachments to enhance its functionality.

The Echo Flex just might be the most versatile Echo speaker or Alexa device that Amazon makes. It is small, cheap, and can fit anywhere you have an outlet. But don't confuse this with an ordinary smart plug, oh no. This is a full-fledged Alexa speaker, albeit with a few interesting quirks and compromises.

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The Echo Flex is perfectly suited for those hard to reach, out-of-the-way spots where regular Echo speakers can't go. You know, laundry rooms, hallways, bathrooms, garages, etc. It gives you a way to communicate with Alexa anywhere you want in your home. You can ask her to turn on the lights for you or play some music while you're working on a chore. Or you can even ask Alexa to remind you to do something while your hands are full.

The only real drawbacks to this device are that it takes up space in the outlet that can't be used to plug something else in and that the speaker is pretty small. However, the Echo Flex does have a USB port at the bottom so that you can plug in a charging cable for one of your devices. It also has the ability to put attachments on it, such as a multicolored LED nightlight, a motion sensor, or even a clock. There's also a speaker attachment in the works!

At this low price, it makes sense to snatch up a bunch of these as stocking stuffers for others or to place around your home. But act fast, because the price is likely to go back up tomorrow!

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