Bell Canada giving away a Samsung Vibrant every day until August 6

Heads up if you're in the Great White North -- Bell Canada is giving away a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant daily until launch.  Hurry and go sign up right HERE (Canadians only, you cheaters!) but come right back, be

cause there's also an Easter Egg of sorts -- the announcement for the contest clearly states there will be fifteen Samsung Vibrants given away, daily from July 23 until August 6, and the contest entry says that a phone will be given away each day between July 23 until launch day.  I never claimed to be Sherlock Holmes, but my powers of deduction lead me to believe that the phone will launch on or about August 7.  Probably in the billiard room, with a candlestick.  Of course it could just be a typo, and I'm feeding the rumor fires.  Just sayin'.

In any case, be sure to sign up if you're eligible, and good luck to everyone up north! [Bell Canada] Thanks tati7!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • They really want to be in the smartphone market.
  • Ok, so this is the best looking "non-Captivate" Galaxy S released yet, if they actually keep the black bezel. And notice the FFC in the pictures? EDIT: "Connect face-to-face with Facebook® friends from anywhere on the new Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant when you get Bell’s exclusive Video Calling feature.". It's a full frontal model! With some sort of Facebook® video calling service? Hmm, that's kinda big news, ain't it? Are they going to call it FacebookTime? :) Questions remain, such as 8gb or 16gb? Ugly-ass blue-spotted battery cover? Easy to unlock? I might end up going the Bell route soon, the Captivate I went down and bought on launch day last week is still SIM locked, AT&T won't touch it, and non of the shady sources have codes for it yet, or even a working cable unlock. Love the damned phone (er, PDA) though.