Beat Saber's latest free song, FitBeat, will get your blood pumping

Beat Saber Fitbeat Song
Beat Saber Fitbeat Song (Image credit: Beat Games)

What you need to know

  • FitBeat is a new song for Beat Saber by Jaroslav Beck, creator of many Beat Saber OST songs.
  • FitBeat is releasing on all platforms on April 9 at 6am PST and is completely free.
  • This is the first new song from Jaroslav Beck since Beat Saber OST3 landed in August 2019.

Beat Saber fans can get excited once again, as a brand new original song from composer Jaroslav Beck is making an appearance on all supported platforms tomorrow, April 9 at 6am PST. FitBeat earned its title via a short contest on Twitter at the end of March, which featured a 30-second snippet of the new song and asked fans to give it a name. Jaroslav Beck then livestreamed the creation of his new song a few days later on his YouTube channel, and now the game is fully mapped by the experts at Beat Games and will be included in an automatic update for free.

This is the first time we've heard from Jaroslav Beck in a while, who last released the Beat Saber OST 3 (original soundtrack) back in August 2019. He shortly after announced that he was taking a break and would be helping out other VR projects for a while. Given that this is the first song we've seen from the creator of many of Beat Saber's most beloved original songs, there's hope that OST 4 could be on its way in the near future. Check out the snippet in the clip below for a sneak preview of what's coming tomorrow.

Beat Saber just crossed the milestone of selling over 2 million units, a first for any VR game in history. Along with that milestone came the release of the Timbaland music pack, the first original music pack created entirely by award-winning popular music artists specifically for Beat Saber. Beat Saber currently has three original soundtracks and about a dozen additional songs available for free. Paid DLC includes music from artists like Timbaland, Green Day, Imagine Dragons, and Monster Cat, among many others.

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