Are your kids constantly stealing your phone charger? Do you need another charger for the living room so you can keep your phone topped off while you're binging The Mandalorian for the third time? Are you tired of your old USB-A charger that's not charging your new iPhone as fast as it should? Swap it out for a ridiculously small new charger for less than the price of a pizza!

The 20W micro-sized Aukey Omnia USB-C Power Delivery Charger that just came out in September is 36% off right now as an early Black Friday deal at Amazon. If you've been needing a new charger for your iPhone or for your Android, this is the one to grab.

Perfect for MagSafe

Aukey 20W PD Charger

Aukey Omnia Mini 20W USB-C Charger

For iPhone and Android, it doesn't get smaller than this.

This is one of the tiniest Power Delivery chargers on the market and it's down to its lowest price ever in this early Black Friday deal. It's 20W, meaning it'll fast-charge a new iPhone 12 or power a MagSafe charger for full speed, and it's got 18W charging for Android phones and manner of accessories.

Among the best phone chargers on the market today, the Aukey Omnia 20W is a great choice for anyone needing a small, travel-friendly USB-C charger but it's especially great for anyone who lives in either a mixed platform house — iPhone and Android — or in an iPhone family where you've just upgraded to the new iPhone 12 and its MagSafe charging. The number of 20W chargers is relatively small at the moment, and most of them are chunky and a bit ugly, like Apple's 20W Power Adapter.

Not only is Aukey's 20W charger almost half the size of Apple's, it's 30$ cheaper with today's deal! The 9V/2.22A power profile is what's needed to charge the newest crop of iPhones at top speed, and that's also the speed required to hit 15W wireless charging when using a MagSafe charger. This means that the Aukey Omnia 20W is the smallest charger you can get for your MagSafe if you need to hide it somewhere out of the way like under a nighstand or behind your couch.

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