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AT&T, Rogers get their own 3G-compatible Nexus One (finally!)

It was a bit of a disappointment when we learned that despite being an unlocked GSM device, the Nexus One would only get 3G on T-Mobile in the United States. That has ended, as Google is now selling a Nexus One with the AT&T and Rogers (Canada) 3G bands of 850 and 1900MHz. This isn't a great surprise, as we'd seen it go through the FCC already and even got a tip just the other day.

It's the same unlocked phone, and the same price of $529. So, who's regretting that earlier purchase now? [Google]

(p.s.: And you Verizon types? Sorry, keep waiting. )

(p.p.s.: Our pal Michael points out that Bell and Telus users are good to go here, too.)

  • Yikes. Comments were disabled. Now they're not. :/
  • It's still not worth paying full price for. Maybe a one year contract and less discount, I think that would be pretty attractive compared to what seems like the default 2yr contract now a days.
  • Thanks Phil.
    Well just wanted to say that I am one of those early adopters, I have my Nexus One which I love, shame in my country (Panama), I can only use it on EDGE and 2G bands, carriers here use the 850 Mhz band for 3G, I thought about reselling it on Ebay, but I have never tried it. My Nexus One is like new, zero scratches (mint condition), the thing is I ordered it engraved with my name, I think I am gonna use it for this year, then sell it to my father or brother.
    I never learn my lesson: DO NOT BE AN EARLY ADOPTER
    @GOOGLE: Why didnt you offer your Nexus One in all the different band models at the same time?
    Now I am desiring the DESIRE Silver (but I think it is far of my reach: Nederlands?)