AT&T revamps Mobile Share Value plans, offering more data for your buck

AT&T has announced a number of changes to the US carrier's Mobile Share Value plans. The aim is to simplify available tiers, offering more data for your buck. As usual with the majority of said offerings, the more you pay up each month, the greater the benefit is with AT&T's revamped bundles.

The company has revealed that for $20 a month, you'll be able to enjoy just 300MB, but for just $10 more you can make use of 2GB. Higher up in the chart are the $100 and $140 options, offering 15GB and 20GB respectively. Increased amounts are available, including up to 200GB for business accounts.

These premium plans offer not only a substantial amount of data, but also unlimited talk time and SMS to Mexico and Canada, further sweetening the deal. It's also worth pointing out that should you opt for the more affordable options (up to $50), you'll need to pay out $25 for each line rental with AT&T Next.

Source: AT&T

Rich Edmonds