AT&T GoPhone prepaid now throttles instead of capping data, adds new $45 plan

AT&T GoPhone plans have had a bit of an update today by way of a new $45 plan that offers 1GB of data. That settles in between the previous two-tier plan approach with $40 for 500MB and $60 for 2.5GB, which have the same data allotments. Perhaps more importantly, for the $45 and $60 plans AT&T will now just throttle speeds to 128kbps after the high-speed data allotment is up, rather than cut off data as it did previously.

AT&T notification of GoPhone throttling

This is good news all around for GoPhone customers, and pulls AT&T's prepaid options closer in line with those on offer from T-Mobile. You can get the full details on the new GoPhone plan and throttling over on AT&T's site.

How many of you guys on the existing $40 plan think you'll upgrade to $45? Do you often do those of you on the $60 plan go over your data cap?

Simon Sage
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