ASUS Zenbo is a strange little robot on wheels that can do things for you

ASUS isn't just announcing laptops and smartphones, but also robots too. The company has just announced the Zenbo, a new robotic companion for $599. Connected to the internet, Zenbo will be able to perform a wide variety of tasks, including communicating with contacts and interacting with smart home appliances. Moving around on three wheels, the little unit can not only get around, but also has a voice and a screen to better interact with human owners.

The screen also doubles up as a touch screen, so you'll be able to carry out actions without having to sprout a word. Developers will be able to utilize the power of the SDK to create some interesting experiences with Zenbo, which ASUS will be pushing hard to get more functionality packed into their little friend. The company will target multiple partner sectors, including healthcare, education, and more.

As noted already, the Zenbo will be available for $599.

Rich Edmonds