ASUS announces new smart home gateway and Chromebook

CES 2016

At CES 2016, ASUS has announced a variety of products, and the latest round includes a new smart home gateway and a rugged Chromebook. The smart home gateway is based on Google's Brillo platform and utilizes the Google Weave communications protocol. This will allow you to manage other connected accessories in your home with ease from one location.

As for the Chromebook, ASUS has announced the C202 which is a rugged Chrome OS machine built to withstand the abuse that classrooms may bring to it. It has an 11.6-inch display, an Intel Celeron N3060 processor with either 2GB or 4GB of RAM depending on which option you pick. As for storage, its got 16GB on-board, along with a card reader, headphone jack and more.

ASUS has not yet released pricing or availability information on either of these products.

Press release:

ASUS Delivers IoT and Education Technology Leadership

-- Google Partnership introduces Brillo-powered IoT products for smart homes plus purpose-built Chromebook for today's digital classroom --

Las Vegas, USA (January 5, 2016) -- ASUS today announced an exciting new partnership with Google at CES® 2016 to create innovative computing solutions for the next generation of consumer IoT products for smart homes, based on the new Google Brillo Internet of Things (IoT) operating system and Google Weave communication platform.

ASUS and Google are also both committed to improving education and the quality of the classroom, a commitment reflected by today's launch of the first concrete result of this close partnership — the classroom-tough Chromebook C202, a rugged Chrome OS based computer built to withstand the rigors of educational use.

The Brillo IoT demonstration and Chromebook C202 are on display from today until the 8th January, 2016, in the ASUS Media Lounge on the 63rd floor of the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas.

Smart homes: the next generation At CES 2016, ASUS and Google are showcasing the capabilities of next-generation smart home technology based on the Google Brillo platform and utilizing the Google Weave communications protocol. There will be live demonstrations of a forthcoming Brillo gateway device from ASUS, which will be connected to smart home devices including an IoT-enabled power plug and an ASUS Ai-Cam, allowing visitors to the ASUS Media Lounge to experience the future of smart homes.

Google Brillo is a new operating system for the IoT. It is designed to enable a new generation of digital living, and ensure that all connected devices work in perfect harmony. Brillo uses the Google Weave protocol for secure, reliable communications over wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®.

Every Android device works seamlessly with Brillo and Weave, allowing users to detect and connect to Weave-certified devices straight out of the box with no fuss or complicated setup. ASUS will release its first Brillo-powered smart home devices later in 2016.

Chromebook C202: The classroom-rugged Chromebook ASUS Education delivers a broad range of innovative products and services to educational establishments around the world, and Chromebook C202 is the latest addition to its portfolio.

"The ASUS Chromebook C202 demonstrates our commitment to providing inspired solutions for the education sector," said President of ASUS North America Steve Chang. "The incredibly tough chassis of the C202, combined with the proven and popular Chrome operating system, creates an education solution that helps minimize downtime and maximize learning time."

The ASUS Chromebook C202 is a lightweight, ruggedized Chrome OS based notebook that is designed from the ground up for educational use. The Chromebook C202 is more than tough enough to withstand the daily rigors of classroom use, and combined with its superb manageability and hassle-free serviceability it helps schools and colleges to minimize downtime and maximize learning time.

The ASUS Chromebook C202 redefines the meaning of 'rugged', with several class leading design features that give it outstanding durability and enterprise-grade serviceability in typical educational environments, including a tough wraparound rubber bumper with reinforced corners, spill-resistant keyboard, a scratch-resistant finish and shock-proof solid-state storage. The Chromebook C202 is subjected to military-grade reliability tests and is best in-class for drop-test survival.

The highly-manageable Chromebook C202 is the ideal Chrome OS notebook for educational institutions of any level that require a multi-user computing solution with low total cost of ownership and maximum uptime. For unrivaled serviceability, the ASUS Chromebook C202 features the industry's first modular design that allows easy removal or repair of key components such as the keyboard, power socket and battery. Full dismantling of the unit is possible in a few easy steps using only simple tools.

Excellent ergonomics are ensured by the use of an anti-glare display that reduces distracting reflections, and a robust yet comfortable spill-resistant keyboard designed for easy students use. A long 10-hour battery life allows full-school-day operation on a single charge.