Are you going to return or keep your Pixel 5?

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

When buying a new phone, there's always something of a "honeymoon period." For the first week or so, everything about your new gadget seems perfect and amazing — but that feeling can slip away as time goes on.

Now that the Pixel 5 has been out in the wild for a little bit, people are starting to learn whether or not it's truly the phone for them. We think it's one of the best Android phones of the year, but not everyone shares that same conclusion.

Taking a look through the AC forums, a few of our members have shared whether they've decided to keep the phone or return it.

So mine went back yesterday. Very tough decision as I really like the phone. Here are my reasons for the return. 1. Upcoming discounts from Black Friday on. One preview shows me where I can save $200. 2. Going to try the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 3. My issue with leaving iMessages. While I could care less about which messaging app I use, my family and most friends use it. This has caused me...


I'm selling mine while the market is good. Excellent little phone, with an emphasis on little. Just too small for my liking. If they sold an XL version, I might return to it. Right now my Pixel 3 is fine as my backup phone. I just can't replace my s20 plus with the pixel 5. And at $699 its too expensive to keep as a backup.


Keeping my pixel 5 , think its a great phone !


What about you? Are you going to return or keep your Pixel 5?

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  • I am keeping my Pixel 5.
    I really like the materials used (haptics), the form factor (size) and especially the battery life! What I don't like is the bad speakers (compared to Pixel 3 and Pixel 4). Why would they even use the under display speaker for "stereo" sound? It is almost useless.
    Also, I hate the huge status bar and unused display space for most apps due to the punch hole camera. Not even all Google apps use the display next to the camera properly. e.g. Google Maps in landscape mode.
    What's the point of the punch hole if not all of the display area is used? Then there are some minor gripes I have:
    * The vibration motor is not as smooth as previous phones (compared to Pixel 3 and Pixel 4). It's kind of rattly.
    * The auto brightness (adaptive brightness) doesn't react quickly any more. On Pixel 4 I almost never noticed brightness changes. It just worked. On Pixel 5 I constantly have to correct the brightness even though auto brightness is on. I guess I will be switching to the next small-ish Android phone with good software update support that tickles my fancy ;)
  • Won't be buying it in the first place. Not a bad device...but I have other alternatives I'm more interested in.
  • Love my Pixel 5 - great performance, perfect size, does everything I want and more. I have Samsung Galaxy S10 for work and I do not like the Samsung skin or features. Barely use it at all.
  • I love it, battery life is insane. Best phone I've had and I love not having to deal with the Samsung skin.
  • How is the speakerphone on phone calls?
  • Returning mine. Tried it for about a week. It was a tough decision, but it's just not enough of an upgrade from my 3XL, which still works fine. I can't get used to the smaller screen (though the 90Hz refresh is nice). The speakers really are garbage compared to the 3XL. The performance is fine with the 765G, though noticeable with any gaming. Bottom line, I just can't justify $700 for a minimal upgrade (and in some aspects, a downgrade) from the 3XL.
  • I got lucky and found an open box, unlocked phone for under 600. My complaint based on reviews is that the processor is just not good enough and the features better enough to justify 700, but 580. Yes please. Person hadn't even taken the charger out of the box. I wish Google had undercut carriers and offered the phone without mmWave, which costs 50-100 and this why the US version is more than the UK version. Stupid Verizon! I will say the size will take some getting used to. I also had the 3XL, but I had switched to the Surface Duo prior to the P5 so all sorts of weird using the P5 after that device. I very much like the non slip finish on it as well
  • I ordered mine exactly one month ago and it still hasn't shipped