Archos Confirms Android Tablet Event on September 15th

Let us translate the above picture for you: 'The appointment is confirmed.' What appointment does the invitation speak of? Well on Tuesday September 15th, Archos is widely expected to announce their much anticipated Android tablet and we can't wait to see what they've cooked up. The Android tablet will have a 5-inch 800x480 screen that can play 720p content, HDMI out, and rumored for 500GB of storage. Hawt.

What may be even more interesting than the Archos Android Tablet is that Archos has decided to launch an Android App Store of their own, specifically tailored for "high end devices" like their upcoming tablet. Known as AppsLib, AppsLib will eventually be offered on other Android devices and we're definitely interested in seeing how AppsLib and Android Market will co-exist.

Anyone interested in an Android Tablet Device?


  • Not really interested. Maybe if it had a 10" screen.
  • Honestly, I can't belive we've come such far.
    A few years back, when I first layed my eyes on 3G cell phones, it was like "WOW" . Now, 4G is at our door steps.
    I guess modern technology has yet to surprise us. I've heard theres a nasty big price for this piece of tech, can't wait to see it in the marketplace.
  • I'm one of those strange folk that would actually like this device IF it was also a phone. I know, who would want a phone that big? When you've got paws the size of dinner plates like me, it becomes less of an issue. Plus, I use my G1 more than my laptop. Something like this would suit my needs well since that big 'ol screen would display my videos better than the 3.5" I have on my G1.